How to Fix – Add phone number to get back into instagram

Trying to access your account but can’t because of the “add your account” message?

Many people encounter this issue when they try to access their accounts. If you also have experienced it, just don’t worry.

add phone number to get back into instagram

I’ll help you get rid of this “add phone number to get back into Instagram” message.

Besides, I will also tell you why you’re displayed with it and what Instagram does with your contact details. Let’s start –

Why instagram ask to add phone number?

There are mainly four reasons behind Instagram asking you to add your mobile number. Those are – 

  • Your previously added number was not confirmed.
  • You haven’t updated your mobile number or email address for a long time.   
  • It has got information from your device that makes them suggest you the number/email connected to that device. 
  • You haven’t added any mobile number yet, and the platform wants to show you how you can. 

What Instagrams do from your phone number?

Wondering what Instagram does with your phone number? It is a common question that hits the minds of many users. Here’s the answer to that – 

  • It will help you in getting back to your account. Sometimes, people forget their passwords; at that time, only a registered number/email address can help them. So to make the access easy, Instagram asks you to add it. 
  • Instagram sends SMS or email notifications to update the users about their account’s recent activity and account safety. Although you can opt out of all this whenever you wish (except security sms or emails). 
  • For helping you to connect with other Instagrammers and their content. It also uses your contacts to recommend account suggestions ( if you have permitted it). 
  • It uses your mobile number to improve ads for you. 

How to bypass “add phone number to get back into Instagram”?

Have you got a pop-up saying, “add  phone number to get back into Instagram?” Yes? Follow the below-mentioned steps to bypass it – 

  • Choose the country code (click on the already given code > select your country). 
Choose the country code
  • Now, fill in your mobile number. 
fill in your mobile number
  • Smash on “send confirmation.” 
Smash on "send confirmation
  • Now, you’ll receive a code in your SMS. Fill it in the given space and then click on submit. 
How to bypass "add phone number to get back into Instagram

Once this code is verified, you’ll get access to your Instagram account. 


Getting rid of “add phone number to get back into Instagram” is straightforward. Just give the details you’re asked for, and you’ll be done.

There is no other way to eliminate this problem and access your account. I’ve mentioned the process of doing so;

I hope it will help you in getting back to your account. But if you encounter any issues in any step, I’m just a comment away; feel free to take my help.

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