How to ask question on instagram story?

Instagram is a social media platform that helps engage with the audience in many ways. It offers various functions like question mark stickers, polls, etc., that are very helpful in boosting engagement.

how to ask question on instagram story

If Instagrammers wish to increase their engagement, nothing works better than asking questions. Do you also want to ask questions from your audience? Yes? You stopped at the right web page, as here I’ll guide you on how to add question mark sticker on Instagram. Let’s start – 

3 Ways to Ask Question on Instagram Story

There are three ways; each has its own benefits. You can follow whichever suits your needs. Curious to know each of them and their benefits? Read further –

Using Question Sticker

Instagram released this question sticker in 2017 to help people in boosting engagement. In one way or another, this feature lets users open up and reply however they like. 

Let’s know how you can use it – 

  • Open Instagram> tap on your story.
  • Choose a photo or video if you wish to upload any with the question sticker. 
  • After that, click on the sticker icon. 
click on the sticker icon.
  • Choose “question sticker” > type the question you wish to ask. 
Choose "question sticker
  • Position it as per your liking.
  • Post it. 

Using Poll Sticker

This method works best when you want to ask a question that has only limited possible answers. For example – if you want to ask a yes or no question, you can use the poll feature. 

To use it – 

  • Open Instagram > tap on your story option. 
  • After that, choose the photo or video you wish to add to your story. 
  • Tap on the sticker icon > find the poll sticker.
tap on poll sticker
  • Add your question.
Add your question on poll sticker
  • Enter the options.
  • Tap on done and then share your story.

Using Quiz Sticker

It is more like polls because it also allows you to give multiple options to your audience. Previously, there was a slight difference between these – only two options could be added to polls, whereas quizzes allowed more than two options. But now, this difference is eliminated. So you can use whichever you wish. 

Want to use the quiz function to ask questions? Here are the steps – 

  • Open Instagram > tap on add story.
  • Select the content for your story (if you wish to add any).
  • Tap on the sticker icon > spot “quiz” there.
click on quiz sticker
  • Tap on it > enter your questions and options.
enter your questions
  • Touch the done option, and lastly, share it.

How to view responses to questions on Instagram story?

Now, you have successfully uploaded the question. But how will you see responses? Do you know how or need a guide? If you need a guide, here it is – 

  • Open your story. 
  • ⏩ If you have added multiple questions, go to the one you wish to see responses of. 
  • Swipe up.
  • Now, tap on the “see all” options given in front of the responses. 

That’s all.

⏩ You can also view responses even after 24 hours (story expiration). Go to the archive section > find the question sticker story you wish to see responses of > tap on it > swipe up > see responses.

6 Best Questions Ideas to ask with your Instagram Followers

Here are some ideas of the question that you can ask to your followers –

1. Ask for suggestions

There comes a time when we wish to take someone’s advice. So if you are also in that condition, you can ask for your follower’s suggestions. 

For example – if you want to read a novel and don’t know which you should invest your time in, you can ask questions like “any suggestions for novels,” “which novel should I read,” etc. 

Just like this, you can ask suggestive questions if you need suggestions regarding anything. 

2. Ask how people perceive your content.

If you are a content creator, you can ask your followers how they perceive your content, whether they like it, or do they have any feedback. 

3. Ask about people’s choices

If you want to learn about your followers, you can ask about their choices. For example – you can ask about their favorite influencer or video they adore the most or anything you wish. 

4. Ask about yourself

Often, people look for ways of self-improvement. If you also want to improve yourself, you can ask people what they don’t like about you. Once you get a response, you can analyze whether you really lack in that area. If the answer is yes, you can start working on yourself. Besides, if you want to learn whether people like you or not, you can directly ask them via your story.

5. Permit them to know you

Many of our friends are interested to know about us. So you can let them ask you questions they want. In this way, your audience can know more about you. 

6. Market research

If you wish to know how people perceive different services and projects, you can ask questions about that. 

For instance, if you want to know how an X product is perceived in the market. You can ask, “what are your views on X product?” 


Where I will receive the answers of my question?

You can look for responses under the story. When you swipe up, you’ll get the responses option. Just tap on “see all” mentioned in front of this option, and then you can view all the answers to your question.

How to Ask question on Instagram story to few followers only?

There are two ways to ask questions from the limited followers: by asking questions to close friends only and by hiding your story from unwanted followers. 


Asking questions is easy but make sure you keep your audience in mind, and the questions are relevant and respectful.

By using questions effectively, you can build a strong connection with your followers and get valuable feedback that can help you in various things.

So don’t miss using the question asking feature on Instagram; it’s really helpful. I hope you have understood how can you add questions and see responses.

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