What does “Help keep instagram a supportive place” means?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms for interacting with others. But some Instagrammers love to bully others, just like they do in the real world.

Their day can’t go well if they don’t bully others. And for that, they post harsh comments and send offensive messages.

Help keep instagram a supportive place

Have you also received any such hurtful comments/messages? Well, most of us do. But now, we don’t have to worry a lot about it.

Because Instagram has provided a solution for this. Besides, it also warns the sender with a reconsideration message “help keep Instagram a supportive place.”

In this article, I will explain what this message is, why you get this and what you can do if someone hurts you. 

So whether you’re someone who received this message or the victim, you must go through this article. I bet it will be worthy; you’ll get the answer to your questions. Let’s start –

What does “Help Keep Instagram a Supportive place” Mean on Instagram?

When incidents of hateful speeches increased on Instagram, it released a new function in 2019 – “help keep Instagram a supportive place.”

It is a warning text displayed when you try to send something that can hurt the next person.

Although, the platform doesn’t restrict you from sending that message. It asks you to reconsider whether you really wish to send it. 

A similar message is displayed when you try to post any hateful comment. You’ll be asked, “Are you sure you want to post this?”

A Learn More option is provided after the completion of this sentence. A “keeping Instagram a supportive place” message pops up when you click on it. 

As per a report, hateful speeches have drastically decreased after Instagram started showing these warning messages. 

Why am I getting a help keep Instagram a supportive place message?

Cyberbullying is the main reason, or you can say the only reason behind Instagram showing you the “help keep Instagram a supportive place” message. 

Social media platforms are full of sick people; Instagram is no exception. But it wants to make its users comfortable.

That’s why it displays that message whenever anyone messages/posts something that can hurt the next person. 

If your post falls in any of the below-mentioned categories, Instagram won’t think before showing you that text – 

  •  Spam, Nudity, Hate speech, Violence, Bullying, False information, Fraud, Suicide or self-injury, illegal trade-related, etc. 

What are the community guideline you need to follow while chatting on Instagram?

Following are the community guidelines that you should always take care of before posting or messaging someone –

Right to share 

Before sharing anything, make sure you have the right to do so. Often people copy other users’ content for many reasons. But make sure you don’t do it. 


Instagram understands that many people are interested in sharing nude images and other sex-related things. But that’s not allowed because a diverse audience uses the platform. And many of those get offended by such content. If the algorithm notices any of your content regarding that, it will surely punish you.  

Genuine interactions

Instagram is known as a social media platform because it allows users to interact with each other. But there is a condition of that, don’t do anything that makes you spam.

Just avoid promoting any fake content and misleading others. 

Follow the rules

Instagram is a platform that doesn’t tolerate anything that happens against the law. It is strictly against terrorism, hate groups, trading firearms, alcohol, or doing anything that the law has restricted. 

It has strict policies against people who don’t work according to the law. So whenever it finds any user promoting/posting such content, it takes action against them.

Respect everyone

The platform wishes to foster a positive and diverse community where everyone is treated with respect. It doesn’t promote or encourage violence. 

Newsworthy events

Many people use the platform to share essential content. But some issues regarding graphic images, violence, intense video content, etc. Arises. So if your content contains any such thing, you must caption that with a warning.

These are some of the community guidelines that you always have to follow. If you don’t, Instagram will not tolerate it and might even suspend your account. 

How to Report someone on Instagram if harmful or against community guideline?

Now, let’s see how to teach a lesson to the person who has hurt you. Let’s see the steps of reporting anyone – 

  • Open the messages you think are against community guidelines and have hurt your feelings. 
  • Hold the message for a few seconds.
  • After this, you’ll get the report option; flick on that. 
how to report someone messages on instagram
  •  Select the reason behind you reporting that. 
Select the reason behind you reporting that.
  • Give the answer to the next question, “who is being bullied?” 

That’s all.


Do I need to fix Help keep instagram a supportive place?

If the person hasn’t seen your message, you can unsend it.

How To Avoid Getting “Help keep instagram a supportive place” message?

Work according to the community guidelines and think before saying anything.

Wrap up

I hope you have understood what “help keep instagram a supportive place” means and why it is shown. In the end,

I suggest you to follow community guidelines to avoid getting this. Respect everyone so that you can use the platform without getting any warning. 

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