Fix: Instagram No internet connection

Recently, I faced a “No internet connection” error on my Instagram due to which I was unable to use my Instagram.

Even though I was connected to the internet I had the same issues of internet connection.

Finally, I did many troubleshooting and fixed the “No internet connection” issue.

The solution to this error worked for me by Restarting my Smartphone, Focusing on a stable internet connection, Updating Instagram app, Clearing caching, Re-logging and many more.

After following these, I started using my Instagram carefully. So, Are you also getting the same error on your Instagram?

If yes then don`t worry as I am here with you to fix your issues.

Let’s deep dive into in detail.

instagram no internet connection

Why is “no internet connection” shown on Instagram? 

There are many reasons that lead to the display of “no internet connection” message on Instagram, even when you have access of internet.

Here are the main of them – 

  • Insufficient internet speed. 
  • The date and time on your device is not correct. 
  • You are using a VPN on your device. 
  • Instagram’s servers are not normal.
    • Waiting is the only solution in this case. You can go to or X to check if this is the issue. 
  • You’re currently using the outdated version.
  •  Your account is logged in from multiple devices. 
  • The app is encountering technical issues. 
  • Corrupted cache. 
  • Your device is messing up Instagram’s performance. 

Now, let’s move on to the solutions – 

How to solve the “no internet connection” problem on Instagram? 

Follow the below solution to fix your error of internet issues on your Instagram as same have worked for me also- 

Solution 1 – Focus on internet speed

I know it’s not in your hands, but there are some things that you can do to make your internet speed up to the mark. But remember, there is no guarantee that they will help.

Now, let’s know what you need to do – 

  • Transfer from mobile data to wi-fi or vice-versa. 
  • Enable aeroplane mode for some time in case your mobile data speed is not sufficient. 
turning on airplane mode
  • Restart the router if your wi-fi is not giving you enough speed. 

⭐ To test whether your speed is up to the mark, you can use internet speed detectors. 

Solution 2 – Clear Cache ( for Androids only) 

Haven’t done it for a long time? No worries do this – 

  • Hold the app’s icon until you get the menu containing the app info option. Tap it.
Screenshot for Tap on app info.
  • Click on storage and cache.
Screenshot for tap on "Storage and cache."
  • Tap clear cache. 
 Screenshot for Clear cache by tapping on the clear cache option. 

Solution 3 – Force Stop (for Android devices only) 

  • Open settings and go to apps.
Screenshot for Navigate to the apps section
  • Go to Instagram there. 
 Screenshot for Search for Instagram
  • Tap force stop.
 Screenshot for Snap-on the force stop option. 
  • Confirm your action by tapping on “ok” on the pop-up. 
Screenshot for click on ok.

⭐ In case you are an iOS user, just close the app from background apps and reopen it after some time.

Solution 4 – Sign in Again

  •  Click on three horizontal lines. 
Screenshot for Tap on the hamburger icon
  • Choose “settings and privacy” or “settings” – Whichever is given. 
screesnhot for Touch the settings and privacy option.
  • Scroll till the very end and select logout.
tap on logout option to logout your instagam account
  • Confirm your logging out action.
tap on logout option for the confirmation
  • Login again.
Login to your account

Solution 5 – Restart your Phone


  • Keep pressing the power button until you see the “restart” option. Click it.
Click on restart.


  • Command Siri to restart your device. 

⭐ After starting, you will need to enter your password to use your device. 

Solution 6 – Reinstall Instagram


  • Hold the app icon until you get the uninstall app option. Touch it. 
Tap on the "uninstall apps" option. 
  • Click on uninstall again. 
Click on uninstall
  • Go to the Play Store and find Instagram.
Tap on search bar. Type Instagram there.
  • Click on install.  


  •  Hold the app icon until you get the remove app option. Tap on it.
 Hit "remove app."
  • Click on delete the app. 
Smash the delete app option
  •  Confirm your action. 
tap on "delete"
  •  Go to the app store and install Instagram from there. 

Solution 7 – Update Instagram 

Updating the app is a simple process, but you don’t need to do so if you already have reinstalled the app. 

  •  Open google play store/app store. 
  • Find Instagram and then click on the update option given there.
screenshot for update instagram on iphone

Solution 8 – Update your device

If there is any compatibility issue with your device and Instagram, updating your device’s software will most probably solve it. So, if there is any update pending, follow these steps – 

On Android 

  • Open settings and go to the “system update” option. 
Go to the system update option in settings
  • Click on Install. 

On iOS 

  • Go to the general option in your device’s settings.
go to general
  • There, click on the software update. 
click on software update
  • Tap on install.

Solution 9 – Match Time and Date

Check if your device’s time is correct. If it’s not, set it to automatic by following these steps – 

  •  Search for “time and date” in the settings. Once found, click on it. 
Search for Instagram using search bar.
  • Slide the “set time automatically” toggle to the right side. 
Screenshot for slide the "set time automatically" toggle to the right side. 

Solution 10 – Logout from multiple devices

  • Go to settings and privacy.
screesnhot for Touch the settings and privacy option.
  •  Search for login alerts there.
Screenshot for search for login alerts there
  • Tap on password and security.
Screenshot for tap on password and security.
  • Click on “where you are logged in.” 
Screenshot for click on "where you are logged in." 
  • Click on your account.
Screenshot for click on your account.
  • Select “select devices to log out.”
Screenshot for select "select devices to log out."
  • Now, choose all the extra devices you are logged into.
Screenshot for select "select devices to log out."
  • Hit log out.
Screenshot for hit log out.
  • Confirm this action by tapping on “log out” again.
Screenshot for confirm this action by tapping on "log out" again.

Solution 11 – Use Instagram from another device

If you have access to more than one device, try using Instagram from a different device. It may work for you. 

Solution 12 – Report to Instagram support

  • Click on tribar.
Screenshot for Tap on the hamburger icon
  • Hit settings and privacy.
screesnhot for Touch the settings and privacy option.
  • Find the help section and then tap on it. 
Click on help. 
  • Choose “report a problem.”
screeshot for Select "report a problem." 
  • Decide the method through which you wanna report. 
two option to report your problem

If you choose to report without shaking – 

  • Choose whether you wanna include logs and diagnostics.
screeshot for Decide whether you want to include logs and diagnostics.
  • Then, explain your issue with a screenshot of the same and click on send.
Send the report on Instagram


Does “no internet connection” mean you’re not connected to the internet?

Yes, it signifies the same, but only if you are not connected to the internet or your connection speed is too slow. If these are not the cases, it can be because of something else. 

How do I fix my connection on Instagram?

You can fix your internet connection on Instagram by clearing the cache, reporting it to the customer support team, switching your connection, and by any method mentioned in the above article.

Why Instagram is not working on Wi-Fi but working on mobile data?

This might be because of the speed of your connection. Sometimes wi-fi doesn’t provide sufficient speed, but mobile data does. So this might be the reason. 

Is Instagram having issues now?

You can find this out by using or Twitter.

In the End…

I know facing “no internet connection” on Instagram is frustrating, but don’t let it frustrate you. 

There are a number of solutions, like clearing cache, updating and reinstalling the app, force-stopping Instagram, stabilising the internet, logging out from multiple devices, reporting the problem, etc. 

Implement them and see the results; the issue will likely be sorted. 

But if you face any issues or want to ask something, comment below.

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