How to fix – instagram csrf token missing or incorrect?

Many people use Instagram, but not all of them keep it logged in on their devices. Are you one of them? Or are you trying to access your Instagram account from another device?

How to fix - instagram csrf token missing or incorrect?

Whoever. Just suppose you are trying to log in, and instead of letting you access, the app is showing “csrf token missing or incorrect.” Won’t it be annoying?

I know it’s pretty frustrating, but don’t you worry because I’ve got your back.

I will explain to you what the issue is, why you’ve encountered it and how to fix Instagram csrf token missing or incorrect. Let’s start – 

What is instagram csrf token missing or incorrect error?

Csrf token missing or incorrect means that the browser isn’t able to create a cookie or couldn’t access it to authorize the login to your account. 

The primary cause of this is still unknown, but there are some predicted causes. To know about them and fixing methods, read the following parts of the article.

Why csrf token missing or incorrect occur while logging on Instagram?

Potential reasons behind encountering these issues are – 

  • Instagram’s server might be crushed.
  • The version you’re using is not up to date.
  • Blocked IP address
  • Cache is problematic
  • Unstable internet
  • Outdated version of webview app.  
  • Technical glitches, etc.

How to fix CSRF token missing or incorrect instagram?

There are many fixing methods that can help you in logging in to your account. But the one you should use depends on the reasons why you’ve faced the issue.

For example, if you have faced the issue because of poor internet connection, you’ll be required to switch the connection to sort it.

Similarly, the solution depends on the reason. So find the reason first and then apply the respective fixing method.

Note – if you’re unable to find the reason, you can try each of these solutions.

1. Reinstall

Reinstalling the app can help you to settle various issues, including “csrf token missing or incorrect.” Why? Because sometimes the app you’re using files are corrupted.

So to remove that, it is necessary to reinstall Instagram. ⏩ Uninstall the app is necessary before reinstalling it. So firstly, do that and then focus on reinstalling. 

2. Clear cache

Any issues in the Instagram cache can also lead to this login problem. To sort the issue in the cache, clearing it is necessary. 

But do you have any idea of how to clear the cache?

If not, follow these steps – 

For Android devices –

  • Open settings > go to Instagram> open storage section.
  • Smash clear cache option. 
How to clear cache of instagram

For iOS devices –

  • Enter settings > find Instagram> click on it once you spot it. 
  • Tap on storage.
  • Now, click on the offload app.
How to clear cache on iphone

3. Webview application

This web view application allows android applications to show web content. If it’s not updated, it can cause problems. 

So make sure you’re using its updated version only. How?

  • Open play store > search webview application > click on it > see if the update option is given or not. 

If it’s not given, consider that you are using the updated version. But if it’s given, just click on it to update the app. 

4. Server down


You can only sort the issues that are caused by your side. You don’t have any control over the glitches that arise from Instagram’s side.

Server down or server outages both types of issues are beyond your control because you are not their source. 

So inspect if the server is down. If it is, you can’t do anything else except wait. 

5. Internet connection

instagram no internet connection

Whenever you encounter an error like this, you should first check your internet connection speed. 

If you’re using wi-fi, make sure you’ve got a stable signal. And if you are using mobile data, inspect whether you are in a good network coverage area. 

Instagram works on the internet, and a poor internet connection can cause many issues. So if your internet connection isn’t sufficient for Instagram’s smooth functioning, try switching it. 

What kind of switching? If you’re using wi-fi, use mobile data instead of it and vice-versa. 

And if that’s not possible, turn off the type of network you’re using and then turn it on after a few seconds. For instance – if you are using mobile data, turn it off. And after a few seconds, again turn it on. 

6. Another device

There is a possibility that Instagram has blocked your device’s IP address for any reason. And if that’s the case, logging in from that device will become challenging. So use another device to access your device. 

7. Restart the device

Click on restart.

Restarting the device is extremely helpful in settling down various app glitches. It has worked for many Instagrammers to fix csrf token missing or incorrect issues. 

You can also try doing this to get rid of the error. Just hold the power button for some time. Flick on restart. And that’s all. 

After this, your device will restart and sort many glitches, which may include csrf token missing or incorrect error too. 

8. Update device version

Many applications require the latest version of the device to work smoothly. So if your device is not up to date, focus on it first. 

How to update? 

Steps for android devices – 

  • Go to settings > system update option.
  • Now, you’ll spot if any update is available. 
  • Just update your device from here. 
how to update your device

Steps for iOS users –

  • Open settings.
  • Go to general and click on software update.
  • You’ll find the update availability here. 

9. Reset the password

Enter your previous and new passwords

If you are detected as a bot or fraud by Instagram’s algorithm for any reason, it won’t let you log in so quickly.

And that’s why there are chances that it has changed your password automatically.

So reset your Instagram password and then try to access your account. 

How can you reset the password without logging in?

Tap on the "forgot password?" Option
  • Use the forgot password function for that. 

10. Update Instagram

You are only getting the best services if you’re using the updated version. Updates are only provided to give users the best services.

And there are chances that the updates are made available to sort this issue. 

So make sure to update the app first and then try to log in. 

how to update instagram application

⏩ Update will be done from the google play store or app store. So open these apps, search for the app and update it. 


How do I fix CSRF token missing or incorrect on Instagram?

Csrf token missing or incorrect problems can be fixed by implementing various solutions like updating the webview app, updating Instagram, clearing cache, etc.

How do I get my CSRF token for Instagram?

You don`t need CSRF token for your instagram, its just a error which can befixed by following the solution that are mentioned above.


So this is how to fix Instagram csrf token missing or incorrect errors. I hope now you can eliminate this issue by applying the relevant solution.

Have any questions regarding this issue? Don’t hesitate to ask me in the comment section.

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