How to fix – instagram messages not showing?

Wondering how to settle the “messages not showing” error on Instagram? Instagram has become one the famous social media platforms having over billion users.

How to fix - instagram messages not showing

But many people are encountering that their messages are not appearing. I know it’s pretty annoying when you want to see someone’s messages,

but you can’t. But don’t you worry; I’m here to help you. I’ll explain everything regarding “how to fix Instagram messages not showing.” Let’s start –

What is Instagram message not showing issue?

Instagram messages not showing is an issue in which messages of a particular person aren’t displayed. Sometimes, the whole DM list doesn’t appear. 

There are various reasons behind this issue. But the primary reason is still unknown. To know more about the reasons, read the next part. 

Why instagram messages not showing ?

The primary reason behind messages not showing isn’t clear yet. But I have predicted some possible reasons; those are –

  • The server is down. There are times when the Instagram server is down, leading to many errors. 
  • There is a bug in the app.
  • You’re not using the outdated version.
  • Poor internet connectivity.
  • Something is wrong with the app cache. 

How to fix Instagram message not showing?

Here are some fixes that will certainly help you to sort the issue –

1. Wait

This type of error is encountered chiefly due to Instagram’s server outage/down. So firstly, check whether the server is down or not. And then take a step. 

How to check? 

You can use a platform called “” to check the server’s status. It provides the server stats of various platforms. So find Instagram, among others and examine the the server status report.

If the server is down, you can’t do anything except wait till the professionals sort it. 

2. Restart the mobile

Unnecessary data piled up in the ram can also be the reason behind DM’s improper working. To solve it, just restart your device because it helps eliminate that unnecessary data. 

How to do this?

  • Press the power button for a few seconds > tap on restart. 

Note – unnecessary data storage not only interferes with the proper functioning of DMS but also with other functions. So it’s better to get rid of it. 

After restarting, check whether the messages are showing or not. If not, don’t worry because you also have other fixes. 

3. Stable internet

Poor internet connections often become the reason for the improper functioning of social media platforms, including Instagram. So if you consider your connection isn’t upto standard, you must try switching your data. Switching to what? Between wi-fi and mobile data. 

Suppose you’re using wi-fi. It’s not providing enough speed; then you can turn on the mobile data and turn off wi-fi and vice-versa. 

Switching often helps in sorting poor internet connection issues, so you can try it out. 

4. Clear the cache

Clearing up the cache helps to free up the space used by the app’s storage. Many people have sorted the “messages not displaying” issue by clearing the cache. 

How to do it? 

On Android –

  • Settings > go to the Instagram app > tap on storage > click on clear ache. 
How to clear the cache of instagram on android

On iPhone/iPad –

  • Settings > general > iPhone storage > Instagram> offload app. 
How to clear cache on iphone

Just move to these sections one after one, and the cache will be cleared. 

5. Update

Are you using the latest version of Instagram? If not, update it as soon as possible because the updated version solves a lot of bugs and issues. 

The issues you’re encountering might be because of those unsolved bugs in the app. So update it asap. 


  • Go to play store/app store > search Instagram> click on update. 
how to update instagram application

(You’ll only get the update option if the update is available). 

6. Login again

Why don’t you try logging in again? It wonders for many frustrated Instagrammers. You just need to log out from your account and then log in again. 

That’s all. Although it can become more frustrating if you don’t remember your password. So be prepared. 

⏩ If your password is saved, remove it because sometimes this solution doesn’t work well with saved passwords. 

7. Force stop

The force stop method is only available to android users. If the app is acting weirdly, you just force-stop it and then try to see the messages. 

But do you know how to force-stop Instagram? 

Here are the required steps –

  • Go to Settings > go to Instagram> click on force stop. 
how to do force stop of instagram

8. Reinstall

Another way to get rid of the Instagram messages not showing errors. Sometimes, reinstalling the app works best to resolve the issue. 

So try doing this too. How? 

  • Go to play store/app store > search Instagram > uninstall it. 
  • After that, click on install. 

⏩ You’ll be asked to log in to your account again. So be ready for that. 

9. Instagram support team

If nothing else works or you don’t wish to follow any other method, you can directly report the issue to the Instagram support team. 

But do you know how you can report it?

If not, just follow the here-mentioned steps –

  • Open your Instagram account.
  • Go to settings.
  • Click on help.
  • Flick on “report a problem.” 
how to report a problem on instagram
  • Now, choose the method you wanna 
two option for reporting problem on instagram

10. Instagram Web

Often the Instagram app doesn’t work well, but the website does. So if you are using the application, try to use its website. The chances of not encountering the “Instagram messages not showing” error on website are high. 

How to use the website?  

⏩ It works the same as the app, so you won’t have difficulties using it. 

11. Threads

Threads is Instagram’s messaging app. Have you heard of it? You might not because this is not that famous. Just like the messenger for Facebook, Instagram has threads as its messaging app. 

As the issue, we are talking about is related to messages, you can give it a try; maybe your problem will get settled.


someone sent me a message on instagram but i can’t see it?

This is a common error on Instagram faced by many people because of reasons like disconnectivity to the internet, poor internet speed, glitch, etc.

Can I fix instagram messages not showing ?

Yes, the “messages not showing” error on Instagram is fixable. Although there isn’t a particular solution for it that can be applied for all. 

Wrap up

We often encounter problems like “instagram messages not showing” issues on Instagram. But the good part is that there is always a solution to eliminate the problem.

I’ve mentioned eleven solutions for sorting the “how to fix instagram messages not showing” error in this article.

I hope now you’re capable of getting rid of it. But in case you’ve any doubts at any point, feel free to mention them in the comment box. 

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