Instagram not sending sms code

Nowadays, many people are using social media platforms, including Instagram, to enjoy. And on the other hand, the cases of account hacking are increasing tremendously.

So to make an Instagram account secure, many people turn on the two-step verification on their account. While doing this, they need to enter the code sent by Instagram,

instagram not sending sms code

and after that, whenever they log in to their account, they need to enter the security code.

Sometimes Instagram also temporarily bans people’s accounts if they find any suspicious activity. And to make the account active again, people need to request the code,

which they receive in the form of an SMS and then fill it. But sometimes, they don’t receive the Sms. Encountering the same issue?

If so, this article will help you out as I’ll explain “why Instagram not sending sms code” and the solutions to fix this issue. So read thoroughly –

What does instagram SMS not sending means?

Instagram sends its users a code via SMS that they need to enter to log in to their account (only when the user has turned on two-step verification).

But sometimes, users don’t receive this code via SMS, and people term this situation “instagram not sending SMS code.” Although, this problem isn’t always from Instagram’s side.

Why not receiving instagram security code sms?

I understand that not receiving rhe Instagram’s security SMS can fuck your mind up. At that time, we all look for the reasons behind the same so that we can sort them out and receive the SMS. So let’s know the possible reasons –

Low coverage area

You may face issues receiving SMS from Instagram if you are in a low-coverage area. A specific number of network bars is necessary to get the code. 

Wrong email or mobile number. 

Before submitting an email or mobile number for receiving the code, ensure you’ve filled it in correctly, and it is registered to your account. Sometimes, people unintentionally make spelling errors because of which they don’t get the code. 

The IP address is blocked.

Using any banned IP address will certainly lead to issues in receiving the SMS. 

You have utilized any banned VPN.

If you use any blocked VPN address, it will undoubtedly interfere with the code verification process. 

The platform’s server is overloaded.

Billions of people use Instagram, and if you are facing the issue, someone else may also be facing it at the same time. And when many people request the code at the same time, it is obvious that some have to wait because these things are done in an organized way. 

Submission of repetitive requests.

If you have repeatedly used the submitted code request, the chances of you not receiving the code increase. 

SIM card server. 

You will not receive the SMS when your sim card provider servers are engaged. 

  • You haven’t given Instagram access to SMS. 

How to fix instagram not sending sms code?

We have successfully understood all the main reasons behind not receiving the SMS. But knowing the reason isn’t enough to successfully get the code.

We have to solve these issues, but how? Well, I have many solutions for you; after analyzing the reason, you can try out the respective solution.

And if you are unable to find the reason, you can try out each, as there is no harm in doing so. 

The following are the solutions – 

1. Low coverage area

Check whether you are in a low-coverage area or not. For this, you can look at the network bars on your device. Proper functioning requires an appropriate network. 

You can also try sending an SMS to someone to check your area’s network. If it’s slow, then you can just wait, as it is an issue from your sim provider. 

2. Different IP address

Some IP addresses may be blocked by Instagram. And if you use the same IP address, you may face issues receiving the code. 

So change the IP address using a VPN and then request to get the code again. 

3. Incognito mode

You can try using another web browser or the incognito mode of chrome. This way might help you to get the SMS code, as it has also helped a lot of other Instagram users. 

4. Servers overloaded

Instagram is used by billions of people, and sorting a bunch of people’s problems at the same time is hard. So sometimes, Instagram servers face issues in processing each request. 

To check whether servers are overloaded, you can follow the below-mentioned moves – 

  • Move to the downdetector website. 
  • Hunt for Instagram, look over at its graphs. If you see a high outage, it simply means the servers are overloaded. 
how to check instagram serer load in google

If the servers are down, you must hold up until Instagram sends you the SMS code. 

5. Correct mobile number or email

People often mistype the correct mobile number in a hurry. And if this is the case, how will you get the SMS code? It won’t be possible for Instagram to correct your mobile number and send an SMS. 

So make sure you type the right mobile number. 

6. Check spam folder

You must look out in the spam folder of your email. It is possible that Instagram has sent you the security code, but it directly went to the spam folder. 

Sometimes, important and relevant emails are also sent to the spam folder, so don’t worry. Just check the code there. 

How can you check the spam folder?

  • Open Gmail and tap on three horizontal lines.
  • There you’ll see the “spam” option; click on it. 
what is Gmail spam
  • Now, you are entered in the spam section; look out whether there is any code or not. 

7. Stable internet

A stable internet connection is necessary to request Instagram to send you an SMS code. 

You can check the speed of your internet using ookla, etc. If you have stable internet, then it’s good and if not, wait for it to become stable. 

You can also try to put your mobile in aeroplane mode for some time. This trick often helps people to get a stable speed. Else, you can try connecting your device to wi-fi. 

8. Update the app

Updating the application helps remove the app’s bugs and other issues. Although the chances of not receiving the SMS code because of the outdated version are less.

how to update instagram application

But this can be a possible reason, so update the app if any updates are available. And after that, again request Instagram to send you the code via SMS.

9. Permission to the SMS app

It is essential to provide Instagram with permission to send you the SMS. Without permission, the app won’t be able to send you any SMS. 

So look at whether you have provided it with permission or not. And in case you haven’t provided it, do it first. 

Following are the steps for the same –

  • Move to your device’s settings and from there, move to Instagram.
  • Once you go there, you’ll see the “permissions” option on your display. 
  • Click on it and check. 
  • If you haven’t already granted permission, do it. 

After following all these steps, try sending the SMS code again. 

10. Use different options

You can use backup codes in place of the SMS code. So if the SMS code isn’t working, these backup codes are one of the best ways to log in. 

How to know which are the backup codes? 

It’s easy –

  • Move to the profile section of your Instagram account. 
  • Tap on three horizontal lines. 
  • Move to settings and then to the security section. 
  • Flick on two-factor authentication > additional methods > backup codes. 
what is two-factor authentication on instagram

11. Customer support

If nothing works for you, you must try contacting the customer support team on Instagram. 

You can ask them for the reason why you aren’t receiving the SMS code. They will certainly help you out.

When you need SMS code on instagram?

Mainly there are two situations when the SMS code is required on Instagram. 

  • Two-factor authentication:- When you have turned on the two-factor authentication on Instagram, you’ll be required to fill in the SMS code every time you log in to your account on another device. 
  • Instagram temporarily blocks your account:- Sometimes, Instagram also blocks its user’s account when it finds any suspicious activity on that particular account. In that case, when the user tries to log in, he will be asked to fill in the code sent via SMS to get access. 


Why is my SMS code from Instagram not sending?

There are various reasons behind Instagram not sending you SMS codes like –
The user’s device is in the low coverage area, blocked VPN or IP address, overloaded Instagram servers, etc.

Why instagram send sms code?

Instagram sends an SMS code to find out whether the person trying to log in is the real owner of the account or not.

Can i fix instagram not receiving sms code?

Yes, you can fix the not receiving SMS code on Instagram issue by implementing the respective solutions.

Wrap up

Not receiving Instagram SMS code is common, and worrying about it won’t give you anything. I’ve mentioned the detailed guide on “instagram not sending sms code” and solutions to fix it.

I hope now you can successfully get out of this situation.

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