How to Fix Instagram Notes not showing? : Get Notes [Latest]

On December 13, 2021, when Instagram rolled out a new feature Notes, I found it a creative place to share text messages and ideas of up to 60 characters with my friends and followers.

But, Some days ago I found that the Notes option had disappeared from the Instagram message page. So, I decided to gather information about how to fix Instagram notes not showing.

Eventually, I fixed the problem of Instagram notes not showing.

If you also can’t see the notes feature on the message, then, don’t fret. This easy and quick will help you.

You only need to walk through the step-by-step comprehensive guide to fix the problem of Instagram notes not showing.

In a nutshell, to fix the issue of Instagram notes not showing, you can apply some useful tips such as updating Instagram, switching to a business or creator account, changing location, turning on activity status, and reinstalling the Instagram app. By applying these simple tips, you will get back the feature of Notes on the message page.

So, let’s deep dive into detail on it.

How to Fix - instagram notes not showing : Why don't I have Instagram Notes?

Why don’t I have Instagram notes?

There are five reasons that have become the barrier in the Introduction of Notes feature on your account.

They are – 

  • Using the older Version Instagram app:- The feature was released with the updated version of Instagram on 13th December 2022. So if you haven’t updated it since then, you won’t get the feature. 
  • Not available in your region:- The notes function is only introduced to specific regions and accounts. So if you are not in those regions and your account is excluded, the feature won’t show on your account. 
  • Close friend list:- Some people believe that not having a close friend list is also a barrier to getting this newly introduced function. That’s why you are advised to have a close friend list. 
  • The issue with the Instagram app:– The notes feature disappears due to the Instagram account. For this, you can try logout and log in to your Instagram account.
  • Instagram glitch:- if you were having an Instagram notes feature but currently not then it might be due to an Instagram glitch. So, you would need to wait for it as the issue is not on your end.

How to Fix Instagram notes not showing?

Below I am sharing the process that I have worked me to get the notes Feature on my Instagram account and I am sure that you will also get it.

Update the Instagram app

Notes were released through an update on 13 December 2022. So if you haven’t updated the app after that, there is no way you can access the notes feature. 

So check if any update is available. How? I’ll tell you – 

  • Open google play store/app store.
Open google play store.
  • Type “Instagram” in the search bar. Run a search.
screenshot on search instagram on the search bar on playstore
  • Click on Instagram. Now, see if the update option is given.
Screenshot for click on instagram
  • Touch the update option. 
screenshot for tap update to update instagram app

In this way, you can update your Instagram app easily. 

Ensure you have a close friend list

This feature is a close friend list-based feature. That’s why you should have a close friend list. However, there is no proof that not having a close friend list can be the reason behind the function not showing. But still, many users believe so. That’s why it is suggested to have a close friend list. 

How to make one? 

  • Open your Instagram account.
  • Tap on the profile icon located at the right bottom corner of the screen.
screenshot for the profile picture option of your instagram account
  • Then, hit the hamburger icon spotted at the top right corner of the page.
  • Select the option of Settings.
  • Choose the close friends option.
  • Add people to that list. 
Add people to close friends list
  • Tap on done. 
Add people to close friends list

Change your location

The function isn’t available in all areas. So if it is not available in your location, you can change your area –

  • 1. Shift to somewhere where it is available. Although it’s not possible in most cases, still it’s a solution. 
  • 2. Use VPN – change your location to the area where the feature is offered > log out of your account > log back in. 
use instagram through VPN

⏩ Make sure the algorithm doesn’t find out that you are using a VPN. Otherwise, it won’t let you use the app smoothly. 

Switch to a business or creator account

Many issues are resolved by switching to a business or creator account. You should also switch to a professional account. You will get back notes on the message page. So, let’s understand here how to switch to a business or creator account:

  • Open your Instagram.
  • Go to the profile icon given at the right bottom corner of the screen.
Profile picture
  • Tap on the hamburger icon.
  • Tap on Settings and Privacy.
  • Then, scroll down the screen to look for the option of Account Type and tools.
Tap on the 'Account type and tools' option.
  • Finally, choose to switch to professional account.
tap on switch to professional account option

Reinstall the app

You should uninstall and reinstall the Instagram app to fix the issue of notes on Instagram. To uninstall and reinstall the app, check the following pointers with tutorial images:

For Android

  • Hold the Instagram app for a few seconds.
Hold the instagram app for a few seconds.
  • Select the option of Uninstall to uninstall the app.
Tap on the "uninstall apps" option. 
  • Then, head over to the Google Play Store.
Open google play store.
  • Search for the Instagram app by entering it in the search bar.
Tap on search bar. Type Instagram there.
  • Then, tap on the Install button.
screenshot for tap on Install. 

For iPhone

  • Hold the Instagram app for a few seconds.
Hold the instagram app for a few seconds.
  • Select the option of Delete to uninstall the app.
delete option to delete instagram on iphone
  • Go to the App Store.
screenshot for open appstore
  • Search for the Instagram app.
screenshot on search instagram on the search bar on playstore
  • Finally, tap on the Download button.

Contact the Instagram help desk 

If your app is updated, the feature is available in your location, and you have tried all the ways to solve but the problem persists, you can ask for help from the Instagram support team. 

Although, there are chances that the feature has yet to be available to your account. But there is no way to find out if this is the cause. 

So that’s why the last thing you can do to enjoy the notes feature is report. Report the issue to Instagram by following these steps – 

  • Open your Instagram account.
  • Touch the last option given at the bottom of the screen (profile icon)
Tap on the profile picture given in the bottom right corner.
  • Tap on the triple bar. 
  • Touch settings. 
  • Click on help.
Go to the help section. 
  • Click on “report a problem.” 
report a problem option on Instagram
  • Now, report that you are not getting the notes to feature. Then, tap on Send.
Send the report on Instagram

The support team will try its best to fix the issue (if the feature is available to your account). 

you can also watch the below-given video:-


Did Instagram remove notes?

No, Instagram has not removed the notes features. There could be a reason why Instagram notes not showing to you. However, you can fix it by updating the Instagram app, using a VPN, etc.

Is Instagram Notes available in all locations?

No, it is clearly stated by Instagram that the notes feature is only available in some locations.

Which version of Instagram has notes?

There is no specific version of Instagram that has notes. But make sure to use the latest only.

Why can’t i see notes on instagram even after updating?

If you`re not able to see the notes features on your Instagram even after updating the Instagram application then there might be other issues like the feature not being available in your region, Instagram glitch, corrupted cache, or issues with the Instagram app. Try troubleshooting from the solution mentioned.

How to put music to Instagram notes?

While adding Text, and emojis to your notes, below there`s the icon of Music, you just need to tap it and then you can add music to your Instagram Notes.

How can I Hide notes on Instagram from someone?

You can easily hide your notes on Instagram from someone (Specific follower), When you tap to share option after that option comes of Close friends, So from the Close friend, you can choose to whom you have to show.

How do I enable notes on Instagram?

To be honest, enabling notes isn’t in your hands. You can just make sure your app is updated, and you have a close friend list. The rest is up to Instagram.


Before fixing the “notes not showing” problem, ensure you find them in the right place. Many people look for notes in the story section.

But let me tell you, you can’t get it there. It is available under the DMs function, so make sure you look for it in that section. 

And if you don’t see it there, the first thing you must check is whether the function is available in your area. If it is, follow the above-mentioned fixes. And if it’s not available, you can do anything. 

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