How to see who doesn`t Follow you back on Instagram?

Who doesn’t follow me back on Instagram? Does X person follow me? Are you also thinking about the same? No worries, as this article will help you know who follows you back by informing you about the methods on how to see who doesn’t follow you back on Instagram. 

How to see who doesn`t follow you back on instagram

By the end of this article, you can quickly identify which users aren’t supporting you and keeping up with your content. 

Whether you’re an influencer or just someone who loves sharing their life on social media, it can be frustrating to engage with people who don’t support you. And that’s why I have come up with this guide. Now, you can easily find out who supports you by following you. 

2 ways to find out who doesn’t follow you back on Instagram

It’s pretty important for many people to know who follows them and who doesn’t. It helps them in getting their account’s insights. Are you also eager to get these insights? Here’re two ways for that – 

Check out your follower list

  • Go to the profile section of your Instagram handle. 
Go to the profile section
  • Tap on followers. 
On your profile page, tap on followers
  • Search for the person’s username or name whom you want to know about (whether they follow you or not). 
Search for the person's username or name whom you want to know about
  • If the person follows you, their profile will appear there. And if he doesn’t, you’ll get a “user not found” text on the screen. 

Go through the person’s following list 

  • Search for the person’s profile. 
  • Go to it and then tap on the following option. 
Go to it and then tap on the following option
  • Now, search for your account there. 
search for your account there
  • If you find it, then the person follows you. And if it doesn’t appear there, consider that the person doesn’t follow you. 

⏩ Apart from these methods, you can also download third-party applications to determine who follows you. But that is not recommended. 


Can I find out if someone follows me on Instagram?

Yes, you can easily find out who follows you on Instagram by checking your follower list.

How can you remove the user who doesn’t follow you back?

The steps for doing so are straightforward – 
● Go to your following list, tap on the following in front of their name, and that’s all. 

Can I use third-party apps to check who follows me back?

Yes, you can, but experts do not recommend it as they might not be safe.

End Note

Who follows us back on Instagram is always a curiosity. And getting an answer is not easy for many people.

But now, it has become easy with the two methods mentioned above. You just need to follow them step by step, and that’s all. 

But if you encounter any issues, please let me know in the comment box.

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