Share other blocked instagram – Who blocked you on Instagram?

Share other blocked on Instagram is in talks nowadays. Some people believe that it can help them to know who has blocked them on Instagram. But when they search for it, they don’t find it. 

Share other blocked instagram - Who blocked you on Instagram?

Has this happened to you too? Do you also want to use this feature? If yes, then this article has got you covered because here, I’m gonna give you some details about “share other blocked Instagram – Who blocked you on Instagram?” Apart from this, I’ll also tell you some ways that can help you know who has blocked you. 

What is Share other blocked on Instagram?

It is a feature on Instagram (this is what many people believe). Some creators have uploaded stories and posts about this feature. According to them, you can find it by following these steps – 

  • Share > other > blocked. 

But Instagram hasn’t officially updated about this option. According to comments on those creators’ posts, people have reported that no such feature exists. 

I even searched for it on Instagram but didn’t find it. 

Can you see who blocked you on Instagram? Share<other<blocked does it exist?

No, you can’t see who has blocked you on Instagram, especially with the help of “share other blocked” feature. There are rumors that this feature exists, but I didn’t find it on the entire app. 

Besides, there is no official notification from Instagram about its release. So you can consider that it doesn’t exist yet. 

And if you want to see who blocked you, you can follow the indirect tips mentioned in the article’s next section. But before that, let me tell you – there is no direct way of finding this out. 

Some other ways to see who blocked you on Instagram

As social media platform users, we all want to know you have blocked us. And unluckily, there is no direct method of doing so.

But you are in luck because there are some tricks that are extremely helpful in finding out who has blocked you. Here’s a detailed discussion about them – 

1. Search for their account

Do you remember the username of the person you think blocked you? If yes, then the first thing you can try is searching for them. 

  • Go to the search tab. 
Go to the search tab. 
  • Type their username and tap on the search icon. 
Type their username and tap on the search icon. 

If the platform says, “Sorry, this page isn’t available,” you can consider that they might have blocked you. 

Although this message always doesn’t indicate that you’re blocked. It also means that the user has deleted their account.

So by following this method, you can’t be sure you’re blocked. You can just guess and confirm the same by following the next tricks. 

2. Check your messages with that user

Instagram doesn’t delete any conversations even if people delete their accounts. So if you have ever chatted with them on Instagram, just go to their chats.

View their profile from there. If it says, “user not found,” they might have blocked you. 

Check your messages with that user

⏩ User not found also means that the person has deleted their account. So don’t jump to the conclusion right away. 

3. Ask a friend

It is one of the most accurate methods to find out if you’re blocked, or the person has deleted their account. 

If you have any friends in common, you can ask them to check if they find the user’s account. And even if you don’t have any common friends, you can try searching for their account from another Instagram account. 

No matter whether they have a public or private account, their profile will appear if they haven’t deleted it. And if it appears, you can consider that you are blocked.


Where is share others blocked on Instagram?

Share others blocked doesn’t actually exist. It’s in buzz due to some creators, but when users tried to find it, they couldn’t. Besides, Instagram hasn’t officially announced anything about its release. So, you can consider that this doesn’t exist. And if it doesn’t exist, you can’t find it. 

How to see to who i have blocked on Instagram?

Go to the blocked users list on your account. There, the profiles of all the users who you have blocked will appear. Here’re the steps for that – 
● Go to settings and privacy option. 
● There, tap on blocked. And then the list will appear. 


I understand you might be curious to know if any user has blocked you on Instagram. But the reality is that share others blocked feature doesn’t exist, so you can’t know who has blocked you by using it. 

Although, there are some indirect tricks that can help you in doing so. You can follow them. 

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