She/her meaning on instagram

Have you noticed that many Instagrammers have used pronouns in their profiles with their name? But do you know what those pronouns mean?

she/her meaning on instagram

If not, don’t worry because, in this article, I’ll talk about the meaning of one such pronoun – “she/her meaning on Instagram.” Interested to know? Read on –

About Pronoun Features on Instagram

Instagram launched this “add pronoun” feature recently. Yet, it is not introduced worldwide, so many Instagrammers don’t have access to it. 

By adding these pronouns, you convey the message that you want to be called as per those only. You’re given a list of 28 pronouns; you have to choose from them. 

⏩ You can use this feature publicly and change your settings to show these pronouns to your followers only. If you’re less than 18 years of age, the pronouns you add will be hidden by default. 

⏩ As of now, you can add up to four pronouns on your profile.

How to add She/her or other pronouns on Instagram?

Wanna add pronouns to your profile too? I’ll help you – 

  • Open your Instagram account > head on to the profile portion. 
  • Now, tap on the edit profile option given below your profile. 
Now, tap on the edit profile option given below your profile
  • Here, click on the pronouns text. 
  • You’ll be given four blank spaces; add the pronouns in them > tap on ✔️ given on the top of the screen. 
You'll be given four blank spaces; add the pronouns in them

⏩ If you wish to remove any pronoun, follow the same steps. Once you do that, you’ll see a ❌ option in front of the pronouns. Click on it and save the details.  

Note = if you don’t find this function, consider that it is not introduced in your country yet. 

Why Instagram launched a pronoun (She/her etc.) feature?

There is no official statement about the reason behind launching this function on Instagram. But the guessed reason is –

  • Making things easy – Pronouns are a way to refer to a person without using their name. When you add it, it helps users know the proper pronouns for anyone they are communicating to.


Does Instagram feature available in India?

No, the feature isn’t introduced in India yet, but in the future, it might.

What does She/her means on Instagram?

She/her is used to refer to a female.


Deciphering the meaning of pronouns with anyone’s name is not that easy.

And that’s why I have mentioned she/her meaning on Instagram. These two pronouns refer to females. I hope you’re clear with the meaning. 

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