How to Fix : This Song is Currently Unavailable on Instagram Reels & Story

Are you also seeing the error message ‘this song is currently unavailable‘ while watching Instagram stories or reels? or “Audio unavailable“?

It has become a common issue nowadays and is annoying many Instagram users by not allowing them to listen to the song or audio of Reels & stories.

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By the way, I have also faced this same error on my Instagram but finally, I solved it.

So, you don`t have to worry as I’ve got some effective solutions to the “this song is currently unavailable Instagram” issue so that you can fix this problem by sorting it out.

Trust me, by the end of the article, you will be able to solve it easily. So let’s dive into fixing the songs not available error on your Instagram reels and stories.

What does “This song is currently unavailable” Mean on Instagram?

“This song is currently unavailable” on Instagram is an issue in which the sound in any reel or story is muted.

It is shown to inform Instagram users that they can’t listen to the song or audio of that particular reel or story and also they can`t use that song to make reels or for any other purpose. 

The reasons behind this issue are numerous, and so the solutions are. To know both, continue your dive through the article.

By the way, many people are facing this issue. Below you can see that the people have posted these issues on their Twitter handle.

Why Instagram say ‘this song is currently unavailable’ on reel & Story?

To fix the issue, it is essential to understand the potential causes.

That’s why, before moving to the fixing section, I’m mentioning the causes behind “this song is currently unavailable.”

  • Copyright issues:- There might be a copyright issue on the audio or song that is attached to the reels or stories that you are seeing. It could be due to the Instagram doesn`t have a licence for that music from the copyright holder.
  • Location Restrictions:- Sometimes Instagram also shows the error ” this music is not available in your region”. Along with this error, the “song currently unavailable” error also appears when Instagram doesn`t have permission to play or use the song in some regions or countries. So, the song is not available in your region or location from where you are trying to access it.
  • Bugs:- There could be bugs in your Instagram application due to many reasons. It might be due to a cache issue on your Instagram app, or an outdated Instagram app as Instagram removes the bugs from time to time by releasing the latest update. Also, it could be due to Technical glitches by Instagram. 
  • Connectivity issues:- Your internet connection (from your own mobile data or Wi-Fi) might be low in your area due to which song/audio is not able to play on your mobile. The Instagram server could be also down due to any reason, as this issue is on their end and due to this also, the song could not be able to load on your Instagram app.

How to fix This song is currently unavailable on Instagram?

No matter how big the problem is, there is always a solution. And you can easily solve “this song is currently unavailable” issue on your Instagram.

You should try clearing the cache of your Instagram app, using a VPN to change your region, logging out of your account from all devices, reinstalling the Instagram application, updating the Instagram app, making sure stable internet connection, downloading the reels, reporting the problem to Instagram etc.

But how you will do it? Well, below the steps for these are mentioned by following that you can fix song unavailable issues on Instagram stories and reels.

Clear the cache of your Instagram app

Clearing the cache of instagram is one of the most used solutions to fix the “this song is unavailable” issue.

You must also try solving your problem by doing the same. Just follow the below-mentioned instructions, and all your work will be done. 

Clear cache of Instagram on Android

Follow the below points for clearing cache of your Instagram application on your android phone:-

  • Hold on to the Instagram application on your home screen. 
Hold the instagram app for a few seconds.
  • Flick on “app info”.
tap on app info
  • Move to “storage and cache or storage Usage”
tap on storage option on instagram
  • Smash the “clear cache” option. 
How to clear cache of instagram

Clear cache of Instagram on Iphone

Follow the below points on your iPhone to clear cache of Instagram:-

  • Go to the home screen of your iPhone, and hold to the Instagram app.
Hold the icon of the Instagram app on iphone
  • Tap the option of Remove.
screenshot on remove option for instagram on iphone
  • Then, tap the “delete app” option.
delete option to delete instagram on iphone
  • Now, open the App Store on your iPhone.
screenshot for open appstore
  • Tap on the search icon.
screenshot for search icon
  • Search Instagram on the search bar.
screenshot for search instagram on the search bar
  • To install the Instagram app on your iPhone, tap on the Download icon as shown in below screenshot.
download icon option for installing instagram on iphone

Change Region using VPN

Sometimes, the song isn’t available in your area for many reasons. So if this is the case, you must try using Vpn to solve the problem. 

use instagram through VPN

Here’s an example of one such VPN – Turbo Vpn. Follow the below steps to use VPN on your android and iphone:-

  • Download it from the google play store/app store.
Download turbo vpn
  • Open the app and then click on “tap to connect” option on its homepage.
click on "tap to connect"
  • Wait until it gets connected. After that, tap on the country flag given on the top right corner of the screen.
tap on the country flag given
  • Select the country you want to change your vpn to. And that’s all. After this, your IP address will be changed.
Select the country you want to change your vpn to.

⏩ If you want to download any other vpn, you can do so. Turbo vpn is just an example.

Logout from all devices 

It is claimed that sometimes the issue occurs because your account is logged into multiple devices. So inspect whether you really are logged in to multi-devices or not. And if yes, log out from all those devices. 

For logging out, there is same steps for both the android and iphone device.

How to inspect?

  • Open your Instagram account.
open instagram app
  • click on the profile icon (the last option given at the bottom of the screen)
tap profile icon bottom at the right corner
  • Tap on “≡” three bar menu icon given at the top corner
three menu bar (humberger icon)
  • flick on settings & privacy option.
Touch the settings and privacy option.
  • Tap on the Accounts center option.
tap on account center
  • Tap on Password & Security options.
Tap on password & Security
  • Tap on “where you`re logged in” options.
Tap on "where you`re logged in" options.
  • Now, you can see the devices where you are logged in. For logging out from other devices, Tap on the “Select devices to log out” option.
Tap on "Select devices to logout" option
  • Select the devices that you want to log out of and then tap on the logout option.
Select device and then tap on logout option
  • Now, you will be asked to confirm by saying Are you sure? you will no longer be logged in on the selected device. So, tap on logout.
Tap on logout on instagram

Reinstall the Instagram application

Reinstalling the Instagram application solves many Instagram issues, including “this song isn’t available.” So just try to reinstall the application; maybe your problem will be solved. 

There are different steps for reinstalling Instagram app on your android and iPhone.

Reinstall Instagram app on Android

Firstly, you would need to Uninstall and then install the Instagram app. So, follow the below 2 process.

Step 1 – Uninstall Instagram on Android
  • Keep pressing (holding) the Instagram app on your Android phone.
Hold the instagram app for a few seconds.
  • Tap the “uninstall” option.
screenshot for Click on the uninstall app for unistalling instagram app
Step 2 – Install Instagram app on Android
  • Open the playstore on your android.
Open the google play store by tapping its icon on home screen.
  • Tap on the search bar and search “Instagram”.
screenshot on search instagram on the search bar on playstore
  • Open the Instagram and tap on the ‘Install’ option.
hit the install button. 

Reinstall Instagram app on iPhone

Step 1 – Delete the app
  • Keep holding to the instgram app on your iphone for a few seconds.
Hold the icon of the Instagram app on iphone
  • Tap on the “Delete app” option.
delete option to delete instagram on iphone
Step 2 – Install Instagram
  • Now, open the App Store on your iPhone for installing instagram.
screenshot for open appstore
  • Hit on the search icon.
screenshot for search icon
  • Search Instagram on the search bar by typing “instagram”.
screenshot for search instagram on the search bar
  • Tap on the Download icon to install the Instagram app on your iPhone.
download icon option for installing instagram on iphone

Allow Microphone Access

Microphone access is necessary to add songs to reels and stories. So check whether you’ve given Instagram access to your microphone or not. How? Follow the steps –

  • Tap on the Instagram application for a while.
Hold the instagram app for a few seconds.
  • click on “app info”.
tap on app info
  • Move to the permissions section.
move to the permission option
  •  Now, you’ll see the microphone option. If it’s already turned on, then turn it off and turn it on again. And if it’s off, turn it on.
allow microphone access  to instagram

Update the app

The outdated version becomes the source of many temporary issues. So it would be best if you always try to use the updated version only because it is only made available to give users a better experience. 

Check the update’s availability first and then update the instagram app if the update is available. How?

On Android –

  • Open google play store.
Open google play store.
  • Tap on search bar. Type Instagram there.
Tap on search bar. Type Instagram there.
  • Click on update option.
screenshot for tap update to update instagram app

On iOS –

  • Open the app store > go to Instagram by searching for it.
Click on the search bar
  • Spot whether the update option is given. If yes, just click on the update option, and that’s it. 
screenshot for update instagram on iphone

If you don’t see the update option, consider that you’re already using the updated version only. 

Inspect your internet connection

change your network

Instagram is totally dependent on a stable internet connection for smooth functioning. So if you’re encountering a low-speed internet connection, you must make it stable to enjoy the app properly. And for that, try the below-mentioned things – 

  • Turning on and off airplane mode. 
turning on aeroplane mode
  • Switching your internet connection to wi-fi from mobile data and vice-versa. 
turn on wifi network

If your internet connection is still unstable, you can’t do anything. You have to wait.

Download the reel

Download the reel if the problem you’re encountering persists in reels. And then watch the video from your gallery; you’ll get the complete audio there. 

⏩ There is no direct option of downloading the reels. The only option you have for doing so is downloading a third-party app.

Report the problem

If nothing works, you can also try reporting this issue to the Instagram support team; they’ll aid you in sorting this out. Move to the following section one after one. 

  • Open Instagram account.
  • Go to profile.
tap profile icon bottom at the right corner
  • Go to the three horizontal lines.
three menu bar (humberger icon)
  • Flick on the Settings & Privacy option.
Touch the settings and privacy option.
  • Go to the help option.
Tap help option on instagram
  • Tap on report a problem. 
Contact the Instagram support team 
  • Explain the problem you’re facing. For example – you can write something like “the songs in your stories are muted, and it is showing “this song is unavailable.” 
    • Don’t forget to add a screenshot of this issue. 
How to report a problem on instagram
  •  Flick on “send the report”, and you’re done.
Send the report on Instagram

Wait for a few days

Some people also suggest leaving the issue as it is for some days, like 2-3 days or sometimes more. It will automatically get solved. So, you can also try to wait for a few days.

Or if the issue is due to the copyright, then in this case, you can`t do anything. You should wait to available on instagram.


How to add unavailable songs on Instagram story?

You can change your VPN to a location where the song is available. By doing so, Instagram will allow you to add unavailable songs to your story.

Can I fix unavailable songs on Instagram?

Yes, you can fix the “instagram song unavailable” issue by following a lot of methods like reinstalling the app, updating it, clearing the cache, by changing the region of your device etc.

What if I have tried all of these things and the error is still happening?

If you have tried all of the above solutions and the error is still happening, then it is likely that the problem is with Instagram itself. In this case, you will need to wait for Instagram to fix the problem.


Issues like “this song is currently unavailable” on instagram while watching reels or seeing someone`s story is quite frustrating. It’s more like a hindrance to our enjoyment.

But now, just don’t get irritated if you face this issue again because you have the list of all possible solutions. Try them out and your problem will likely sort out.

And in case of any questions about anything, please feel free to ask in the comments.

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