Fix Sorry this page isn’t available Instagram

Isn’t it weird to get the message on Instagram ‘Sorry, this page isn’t available?’ Of course, it is.

If you have tried to explore its causes, you might not have found more than two causes.

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Fix “Sorry this page isn’t available” issue on Instagram

Would you like to know all the possible causes behind this error message on Instagram? If yes, this article is for your help.

Here, you will get a comprehensive guide to know the reasons and solutions for the error message ‘Sorry, this page isn’t available’.

Walk through this step-by-step guide and explore which reason is bothering you and how to fix it without any trouble.

Why do I see ‘Sorry this page isn’t available on Instagram’?

Now, no need to hunt many websites to explore the causes behind the error message on Instagram ‘Sorry, this page isn’t available.’

For your help, all the probable causes behind this problem are listed here. Check out the following details to know why this happens on Instagram:

1. Blocked account

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The first and foremost probable cause that can create this issue is that the account that you are searching for on Instagram has blocked you.

Therefore, when you search for that specific username, Instagram displays the message ‘Sorry, this page isn’t available on Instagram.’

In this case, you can’t view the page until you are unblocked by the user.

2. Deactivated/deleted account

It may be possible that the Instagram page or account that you are searching for has been deactivated for a time period.

Furthermore, it may also be possible that the owner of the account or page has deleted the link or page that you are searching for right now.

You can’t reach that link until the owner of the link reactivates it.

3. Banned account

Maybe Instagram has banned the account that you are searching for. It has violated the community guidelines of Instagram. Possibly, it has uploaded images/videos/content related to nudity, violence, and communal riots.

You can not access that account until Instagram removes the ban from it.

4. Restricted account

Maybe the account you are searching for has been restricted by Instagram due to some reason. Maybe the link that he shared was violating the policies of Instagram. Therefore, the Instagram team has removed the link.

You will never be able to access that link if Instagram has removed it.

5. Removed link

You tapped a link to think that it would redirect to a new page but you couldn’t see the page. How many times has it happened to you? It is very common on Instagram. But do you know when it happens the most?

It happens when the sender of the link removes the link from Instagram. No link means no access to the page.

6. Misspelled words

Maybe you did the copy-paste of the link from any place and when you tried to open that link, you couldn’t find anything. The screen only displays a message ‘Sorry, this page isn’t available.’

It has happened because the link that you have copied is misspelt. You can’t open the link until you use the right link address.

7. Down sever

graphics for Instagram server might be down

Another cause that can not allow you to access the Instagram page is that the server of the Instagram app is down. It is not the problem of your software. It will only be resolved by the Instagram team. You can’t do anything with the server down.

Let’s see how to identify the server down of Instagram:

  • Open the link
  • Then, read the comments that the other users have written to report the problem of server down.
  • A chart will show you the reports that have been reported by users within 24 hours regarding the server down.

In this case, you will not be able to run your app as you always operate it.

8. Outdated software

Is the version of your Instagram app outdated? Of course, yes. Therefore, you are getting the message ‘Sorry, this page isn’t available.

Instagram updates its version regularly to make it better to combat vulnerabilities and cybersecurity issues. Hence, whenever any update is available, the expired version starts to decline its performance.

And the user can’t access any link until the software is updated.

How to fix ‘Sorry this page isn’t available on?

Now, come to the solution that you should try to fix the issue ‘Sorry, this page isn’t available on.’ You can fix this problem from your end. Below is a list of solutions that you should try to solve the issue. Go through the following solutions:

1. Check if your account is blocked

You should check if your account is blocked on it. This is very quick and easy to check on Instagram.

Create another account on Instagram by signing up with another email ID and password. Then, you should search for that username whom you want to check whether it has blocked your account or not.

If you find that account now via your second account, it means that your primary account is blocked by the user.

2. Check if the account is deactivated/deleted

Maybe the user has deactivated or deleted the account. Therefore, you got the message ‘Sorry, this page isn’t available’ when you opened the link sent by the user.

You can check this very easily with your second Instagram account. But one thing you should always remember is that your secondary Instagram account should not be associated with the same email ID or mobile number by which your primary Instagram account is linked.

Now, search for that username in your secondary Instagram account. If you don’t find his Instagram account, it means that the user has deactivated or deleted that account.

3. Check if the account is banned

You can check a banned account on Instagram. You won’t find any recent activity in the account because the activities of the banned account have been banned for some time. This happens because the account has violated Instagram policies.

4. Check if the link is removed

You can check the removed link with the help of your second Instagram account. If you are not able to open that link via the second account, it means that the link is broken/removed.

5. Double-check the link

You should double-check the address of the link. You can do one thing. You should do the copy and paste of that link again. Maybe this time, no letter will be misspelt.

6. Wait for sometime

If you find that the server of Instagram is down, you should wait for some time. Technical difficulties arose due to the server of Instagram. Such issues can’t be resolved by you. Have patience. This issue will be fixed by the Instagram team.

7. Update software

You should update your Instagram app to fix the issue of not accessing the account/link. Look at the following pointers to update the software of the Instagram app right away:

Update Instagram app on Android

  • Go to the Google Play Store.
Open the google play store by tapping its icon on home screen.
  • Tap the search bar.
screenshot for Use the play store search box to find the Instagram app.
  • Enter Instagram in the search bar.
screenshot on search instagram on the search bar on playstore
  • Select the option of Update.
screenshot for tap update to update instagram app

Update Instagram app on iPhone

  • Go to the App Store.
screenshot for open appstore
  • Enter Instagram to search for in the search bar.
screenshot for search instagram on the search bar
  • Tap the option Update.
screenshot for update instagram on iphone


1. When will the Instagram issue be resolved?

The issue of Instagram due to the server being down will be resolved in some time. This is settled by the Instagram team. You can know about it from the You should wait if something like this happens to Instagram.

2. Why has somebody blocked me on Instagram?

Somebody has blocked you on Instagram because he doesn’t want you will visit his account any more. He doesn’t want any likes, comments, and messages from you on his account. So, he chooses the way of blocking your Instagram account.

3. How to know if the link that I was searching for has been removed?

If you get the same message ‘Sorry, this page isn’t available when you try to open the link through your secondary account, it means the link that you are searching for has been removed by the owner for any reason.

4. Can someone restrict me on Instagram?

Yes, someone can restrict you on Instagram. This is an alternative to blocking or unfollow someone on Instagram. This will limit their interactions with you on Instagram. They can control your comments on their posts. Your messages will be sent to the section of message requests once your account is restricted.

5. How many accounts can I block on Instagram?

No limit has been set by Instagram for this. You can block no account or you can block many accounts on Instagram. This is a matter of your privacy and you are free to control this.

bottom words

Hope that your query regarding the error message on Instagram ‘Sorry, this page isn’t available’ is solved. Now, you will not feel stressed when something like this will happen to you again.

Please write to us with your feedback in the comment section below.

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