This Story is Unavailable Instagram – What, Why and How to Fix it?

Instagram’s story feature is just like WhatsApp’s status feature. It lets people share whatever they wish with their audience on the platform. Many users often use this feature,

This Story is Unavailable Instagram - What, Why and How to Fix it?

and many people are also interested in viewing others’ stories. But unfortunately, end up with “this story is no longer available” text on their display when they try to see someone’s story.

This error is literally annoying, but do you know it can also be fixed? If not, but want to know all the essential details regarding this, stick to this article till the last word and get all the data. Let’s start – 

What Does “This story is unavailable” Mean on Instagram?

When we try to see someone’s Instagram story, Instagram often shows “this story is no longer available.” As this text says, the story is no longer available, which means that you can’t view it now.

where it looks This Story is Unavailable Instagram

By the way, I also experienced the same error when I was viewing someone`s Instagram account but finally, I was able to fix the error and also found the possible reason while researching.

There are a variety of causes behind this error, and to know all about its solution, read the details mentioned in the next part of the article. 

Why does it say story unavailable on instagram?

Here are some of the possible causes –

The story is expired

According to Instagram’s rule, the user’s story can only be shown for 24 hours. After this time, the story will automatically be deleted.

Often our friends share stories in DMs, but when we open them, we end up showing “this story is no longer available.” So if this is the case, you can consider that the story has expired. 

Deleted the story 

The user might likely have deleted their story. After posting something, many people start overthinking about a lot of things regarding the story and end up deleting it. 

Although, there can also be other reasons for doing the same. But it doesn’t matter what the reason is; if the individual has deleted his story, you’ll be shown “the story is no longer available.” 

Switch to the private account

turn off the private account

Don’t you have friends who made their account public and later converted it into a private one? Well, if you don’t have any such friends or haven’t seen anything like this, let me tell you that some people convert their accounts from public to private. 

And if the individual you want to view story of has also converted his account, you won’t be able to see their story until you follow them. 

Hidden from you

If you are an Instagram user and into story things, you may know about the close friends feature there. It is used for restricting people from watching stories. 

If someone wants to hide a story from you, they can use this feature. And let me tell you that they have to restrict you before uploading the story. 

You’re blocked from them

screenshot for block option

When someone blocks you, you won’t be able to see their story in your feed too. But if any other individual shares their story in DM and you tap on it to watch, you’ll be displayed with “this story is no longer available.” 

There is a slight difference between the block and hide features. If you can’t view the user’s profile, consider that you are blocked. But if you can view their profile but cannot view the story, you can assume it is hidden. 

Instagram removed it

Removal of any story by Instagram is a common thing. Whenever the AI of Instagram finds any violation of guidelines on anyone’s story, it just takes the story down. 

The possible reasons for taking down the story are – 

  • Any guidelines violation like violence, nudity, etc.
  • Other users have reported the story. When someone reports a story, and it is successfully proved that the story has violated any terms and conditions, it will surely be taken down. 

Although reasons for taking down don’t even matter when it comes to being unable to view the story, if it is taken down for any reason, no user can view it. 

You’re not following the user

Go to it and then tap on the following option

It is compulsory to follow the user if you want to see their story. If the account is public, then it doesn’t matter whether you follow the person or not; you can view their story. But in the case of a private account, you’ll only be shown the story if you follow them. 

Many individuals keep their accounts private, so make sure to follow private accounts to view their activity. 

Not Log in to your Instagram Account

screenshot for log in to your Instagram

Many try to view someone’s story without signing in to their account. And in this situation, sometimes the individual is shown “this story is no longer available.” So log in first and then try to view the story. 

Weak Internet connection/ Server Down

GRAPHICS FOR weak internet connection

Instagram is a platform that is totally dependent on the internet for proper functioning. If the internet speed is slow, it won’t be able to give its best. 

So the error “this story isn’t available” can also be because of slow internet speed. 

Instagram glitches


Instagram is just an app, so it can also encounter some glitches because of which you can be shown with “this story is no longer available.” 

So, if the reasons is glitch then it would be automatically solved, you don`t have to do anything. The instagram team will resolved with, All you need to do is to wait for some time.

How to fix “this story is unavailable” on Instagram?

Don’t worry if you are displayed “this story is unavailable” because there are solutions to fix this issue.

1. Clear cache of your Instagram app

Clearing the cache of Instagram can also help to fix some bugs that are causing problems with your Instagram app.

By clearing the cache, the issue appearing on someone`s story on Instagram can be fixed.

Clear Instagram cache on Android

Follow the below steps for clearing the cache of your Instagram application on your Android phone:-

  • Keep pressing your instagram app.
Hold the instagram app for a few seconds.
  • Tap on the app info option.
tap on app info
  • Go to the storage usage option.
tap on storage option on instagram
  • Finally, touch the clear cache option.
 Clear cache by tapping on the clear cache option. 

Clear Instagram cache on iphone

To clear the cache on Instagram on iPhone, you would need to reinstall instagram app on your iphone.

Follow the below steps for clearing the cache of Instagram on iPhone:-

  • Hold the Instagram app on your iPhone.
  • Tap the remove option.
 Hit "remove app."
  • Tap on the delete app option.
Smash the delete app option
  • Now, go to the app store and search ‘Instagram’
Click on the search bar
  • Tap on the download icon for installing Instagram,
hit the get icon to download it
  • Now, log in with your Instagram account.
screenshot for log in to your Instagram

2. Make sure good Internet connection

Well, there is nothing much you can do if the problem arises because of slow speed. 

If you are using mobile data, then –

  •  Try putting your mobile on aeroplane mode for some time.
turning on aeroplane mode
  • Switching the mobile data to Wi-Fi. 
turn on wifi network

If you use wi-fi, you should try switching to mobile data. 

3. Refresh Feed of your Instagram app

refresh your instagram feed

 The easiest way to refresh your feed is to pull down it from the top. This will cause the feed to reload with the latest posts and stories.

Other than this, there is no option for refreshing the Instagram app. Thus, refreshing the feed also may fix the story unavailable issue.

4. Update your Instagram app

If there`s some bug in instagram then they release new version to fix the issues. So, to get the latest version of instagram, you should update it.

Update instagram on Android

Follow the below steps for updating your instagram on android:-

  • open play store app on your android phone.
Open the google play store by tapping its icon on home screen.
  • Tap on the search bar and type “instagram”
screenshot for Go to the search bar and type instagram
  • Open the Instagram and tap on Update option.
screenshot for tap update to update instagram app

Update instagram on iphone

Follow the below steps to update Instagram on iphone:-

  • go to the appstore on your iPhone.
screenshot for open appstore
  • Tap on the search icon.
screenshot for search icon
  • Tap on the search bar and then search instagram.
screenshot for search instagram on the search bar
  • Open the instagram and then tap on Update.
screenshot for update instagram on iphone

Not following the user/ account switch to the private one

If you don’t follow the user OF whom you want to view the story, you should follow them first. The second solution, in this case, is to ask someone else to share their story. 

screenshot for following option

Make sure You’re not blocked by them, or story hidden from you

Choose "block" from them.

If you are blocked by someone then ask them to unblock you.

Or if the story is hidden from you, ask them to change the settings of their story so that you can view their next story. 

But for viewing the current story, you can only ask them or someone else about what was being posted. 

Deleted the story, or the story is expired. 

You can ask any mutual friend or the account owner to give you details about the story. You can also view the story if the user uploads it again. 

In the latter situation, You can move to the person’s profile and check the highlights there. Sometimes, people add some stories to highlight so that their friends or family can also view them later.

If they haven’t added it in the highlight section, you can’t view it again. 

Relogin your Instagram account

Relogin means Logout your Instagram account and then logging in to your same account. By doing this also, story unavailable issue could be also fixed.

Follow the below steps for logging your IG account:-

Logout Instagram Account

  • Tap the profile picture of the Insta app
tap profile icon bottom at the right corner
  • Tap the three-bar – hamburger icon
three menu bar (humberger icon)
  • Tap setting and privacy
screesnhot for Touch the settings and privacy option.
  • Scroll down to last, and then tap on Logout – [your username]
tap on logout option to logout your instagam account
  • and again tap to logout for confirmation.
Confirm your action to log out of your Threads account.

Login your Instagram account

  • open your instagram app
open instagram app
  • Enter your Instagram account credentials like email, phone number or username and its password.
  • Tap Log in option.
screenshot for log in to your Instagram

IF Instagram removed it

If Instagram has taken down the story, there is no solution to this. You can ask the account owner or someone else who has viewed the story about what was in the story. 

Reinstall your instagram app

You can also try to reinstall your Instagram application. In this, you would need to uninstall the instagram application on your phone then you would need to install it again.

By this, many issues are resolved and the story unavailable can be solved.


What does story unavailable mean on Instagram?

Story unavailable on Instagram means that you can’t view the story anymore.

What happens when someone hides their story from you on Instagram?

You won’t be able to see the story if someone hides it from you.

How can you tell if someone has muted your story?

There is no hard and fast rule for knowing if someone has muted your story on Instagram or not. Although you can guess it by checking whether the person has viewed your story. If not, you can consider that your story is muted (it’s just a guess). 

Why would someone muted your story?

When someone mutes your story, they won’t be shown anything you post, whether it is a story or any other content. 

Final words

So this is everything I wanted to explain about “this story is unavailable Instagram.” I hope now you won’t get worried if you cannot see someone’s story.

Do you wish to ask anything regarding the same topic? If yes, use the comment section, as it is all yours. 

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