How to Update Instagram App on Android & Iphone?

Do you want to make your Instagram experience even better?

Are you tired of missing out on the latest Instagram features and feeling left behind in social media? 

Do you wonder how your friends effortlessly navigate through new filters, stickers, and interactive tools that make their stories come alive? 

How to update instagram app?

Are you frustrated with Instagram errors? 

If so, updating Instagram is what you should look forward to. It will not only help you to access new features but also helps in getting rid of many Instagram issues. 

Contemplating how to update Instagram app? Don’t stress your mind wondering about the process.

This article will tell you how to unlock the full potential of Instagram by showing you how to update the app to its latest version. So just keep reading – 

How to update instagram app?

Updating Instagram is like opening the door to a new world of possibilities. But the steps for doing so are a bit different for Android and iOS devices. 

So before following the steps, ensure you follow the guidelines for your particular device. Now, let’s dive into the process – 

Update your Instagram app on Android

Updating on Android can be done via two methods – 

1st Method 

  • Open the google play store by tapping its icon on home screen.
Open the google play store by tapping its icon on home screen.
  • Go to the search bar and run a search for Instagram. 
Go to the search bar?
  • Then, tap on the update option. 
tap update to update instagram app

2nd Method 

  • Launch the google play store.
Open the google play store by tapping its icon on home screen.
  • Click on your profile at the top right corner.
Click on your profile at the top right corner.
  • Select the “manage apps and devices” option. 
Select the "manage apps and devices" option. 
  • Once you do this, tap on “updates available.” 
    •  If you don’t find this option on your Android, don’t worry. Look for the option related to updates; you can get the apps available for the update list there.
 tap on "updates available." 
  • After this, click on the update option given in front of Instagram. 

Update your Instagram app on iPhone/ios

Updating this amazing social media platform’s app on iOS is easy and takes even less than a minute. Here’s how you can do it – 

1st Method 

  • Open the app store.
  • Click on the search option at the screen’s bottom left corner. 
Click on the search option
  • Click on the search bar, type Instagram and then search for it.
Click on the search bar
  • Tap on the update option.
Tap on the update option

2nd Method 

  • Tap on the profile icon after opening the app store. 
Tap on the profile icon
  •  Scroll a bit until you see the apps list of outdated apps. Look for Instagram in the list.
Scroll till you see the outdated apps list
  • Click on the update option given in front of Instagram.

And that’s all. 

 – You can only update the Instagram app if any update is available. So if you don’t get the update option after following the given steps, just don’t worry. It indicates that you are currently using the latest version of the app. 

Why should you update your instagram app?

Instagram is constantly updating its app with new features and improvements. This means that if you’re not updating your app regularly, you’re missing out on some of the best things Instagram offers.

Here are just a few reasons why you should update your Instagram app:

New features

Instagram is constantly adding new features to its app. By updating the app, you gain access to the latest features and functionalities the platform offers. 

Whether it’s new filters, effects, or interactive stickers, staying up-to-date ensures you don’t miss out on anything. 

Bug fixes

Every app, no matter how well-built, encounters bugs and performance issues from time to time. Updating your Instagram app grants you access to bug fixes and performance enhancements, resulting in a smoother and more reliable experience. 

Security updates

Privacy and security are paramount. Instagram recognizes this and continuously releases updates to strengthen these aspects of the platform and protect your account from threats. 

Updating your app ensures that you have the latest security patches, safeguarding your account from potential threats and keeping your personal information secure. 

Improved performance

Instagram updates often include performance improvements that can make the app run more smoothly and efficiently. This can be especially helpful if you’re using an older device.

Improved user experience

Instagram is constantly working to improve the user experience of its app through updates. These updates are designed to make navigation smoother, loading times faster, and overall usage more intuitive. 

The updates may also include changes to the layout of the app, the way that you interact with content, or how you search for things. 

By updating your app, you can ensure you get the best possible experience from Instagram.


How to update instagram without update option?

You can activate the auto-update option to update the app without going to the play store/app store for updates. 

why won’t my instagram update to the new version 2023?

There can be many reasons behind the app not updating, like your device doesn’t have enough space, your device is not compatible with the newest version, etc. 

Is reinstalling and updating Instagram same?

No, reinstalling and updating are not the same. When you reinstall Instagram, you delete the app from your device. On the other hand, When you update Instagram, you simply install the latest version of the app without deleting it. 

Why should I update my Instagram app?

There are many reasons why you should update the app like – 
● it will give you access to the newest features
● you’ll get better user experiences
● The known issues likely won’t frustrate you anymore, etc. 

How do I know if there is an update available for Instagram?

You can go to the google play store/app store to see if any update is available.

Wrapping up

From new filters, editing tools, and interactive features, an updated Instagram offers endless opportunities to express yourself and take your online presence to new heights.

So if you want to say goodbye to glitches and lag and say hello to a flawlessly smooth browsing adventure with new features, you can follow the guide mentioned above for updating instagram. 

And if you face any issues in the process, you can let me know; I’ll try my best to help you. 

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