What to do If your instagram account suspended?

Instagram is a popular social media platform allowing people to engage with others by different means. But,

it has set some rules and regulations that every user has to follow. If those rules are violated, it can suspend your account.

What to do If your instagram account suspended?

Although, in some cases, the algorithm is mistaken, leading to disabling the accounts. But whatever the reason is, as an Instagram user,

we all love to use the platform, and suspension is literally frustrating because it doesn’t let us spend time on the platform. 

Have you encountered the same issue? Yes? Don’t worry because this article has your back as it contains the answers to questions like –

“what to do if your Instagram account suspended?”, “Why does Instagram suspend any account?”, “How can you prevent Instagram from doing so?”, Etc. 

So if these questions are also running through your head, you must read this article. Let’s start – 

How you would be notified that your Instagram account has been suspended?

Instagram will notify you about the suspension when you try to log in to your account. You will get a message stating that your account is disabled or suspended with a reason and duration of the suspension. It also sends users an email informing them that their account is suspended. 

One example of the pop-up that users receive is – We suspended your account on Xyz date. There are 30 days remaining to disagree with this decision. 

⏩ Before taking a step like this, the platform usually sends a notification to the user that their account is close to being disabled. So you can avoid the suspension by stopping the activity that can lead to suspension.

What happens if Instagram suspends your account?

When your Instagram account is suspended or disabled, it means that you can no longer use the platform from that account for a certain period of time.

It can occur for various reasons, such as violating Instagram’s terms of service, posting inappropriate content,

or engaging in spammy behavior. Instagram has a zero-tolerance policy for certain types of content, including nudity, hate speech,

and harassment, and if you violate these policies, your account can be suspended or disabled. 

The duration of this suspension depends on the severity of the violation. Sometimes, the platform only disables an account for 24-48 hours,

whereas it can be permanent too, which means that you won’t be able to use that account ever. 

Why did my instagram account get suspended? Reasons

There are several reasons behind account suspension; the main of these are – 

Multiple devices

Many users use the platform on more than one device. And then, when Instagram detects multiple devices or IP addresses, the algorithm considers that your account is being hacked, ultimately leading it to get disabled. 

Suspicious Activity

Your account can get disabled or suspended because of suspicious activity. For Instance – if you message too many users within a particular time period, you will receive the error notification. 

Just like this example, there are many other limitations on actions too. So if you go against them, you might end up with account suspension. 

Several complaints

Instagram is working great in terms of removing spam content and accounts from its platform. That’s why it allows users to report content as “spam.” 

So if users report your content, Instagram will take action against you. However, one complaint isn’t enough to suspend or disable your account. 

Violation of community guidelines

Guidelines tell you about the rules that you have to follow to use the app smoothly. Here are the main points – 

  • Share the authentic content only. 
  • Post the content that is appropriate to other Instagrammers. The platform doesn’t allow users to upload nudity content, so stay away from this too.
  • Don’t post any misleading content just for engagement. 
  • Never do anything that goes against the rules of your country. Sexual services, trading firearms, alcohol, tobacco, and non-medical drugs related stuff aren’t allowed to upload. 
  • Respect other Instagrammers because Instagram wants to foster a positive and diverse community. So it removes hateful and disrespectful content.
  • Maintain a supportive milieu by avoiding posting self-injury content or anything that promotes this. 
  • Post only newsworthy content. 

Use of Bots or third-party apps

Instagram doesn’t appreciate the use of bots or third-party apps or websites. So if you are using these things to perform any actions from your action,

Instagram’s algorithm will detect it. After detection, it will restrict your actions and, sometimes, suspend or disable it. 

Algo glitch

It happens in many cases that the problem is caused by Instagram. You haven’t done anything wrong, but the algo considers your account spam and disables it. 

Besides, sometimes, the platform considers your actions against their guidelines, although it is just a mistake.

How you can Recover your Suspended Instagram Account?

Regardless of the reason for account suspension, we all want to recover our account. And for that, you should follow these things – 

Suspension because of Not following Community Guidelines

Didn’t you follow the guidelines set by Instagram? If this is the case, then the first thing you should try is to use the “disagree with the decision” option. Click on it and follow the on-screen instructions. The platform may ask you for identity verification, so be prepared for that too. 

To review your objection, the platform can take upto 48 hours, and you won’t be able to use your account until then. If your application gets approved, you’ll receive a mail containing a password reset link. Do that and then log in. 

If your objection isn’t approved – 

1. If verification fails, re-submit your video selfie.

2. If you get an email saying that “Instagram has reviewed your request, and found that your account didn’t follow community guidelines,” you have to explain why your content shouldn’t be removed. With this, you can also upload relevant files to support your objection. 

⏩ If you have genuinely violated the guidelines, there are negligible chances of getting back the access. 

If your account gets disabled, you can try using the new support page of Instagram – instagram.com/hacked. 

By Mistake

Sometimes, users’ accounts get disabled even when they have done nothing wrong. Is your account too disabled for no reason? Well, Instagram has provided a special support form for such users. Sometimes, Insta’s algorithm mistakenly flags accounts for violating guidelines. 

Here’s the link to the form – 


To recover your account in this case, you have to provide a copy of any government-issued ID. This ID must be – 

  • Government issues
  • In color
  • Clearly show your name, picture, and birthday. 

⏩ If the above-mentioned form doesn’t work, you can try this – https://help.instagram.com/contact/606967319425038

In this, the platform doesn’t ask you to submit your ID. You just need to explain why you think your account is disabled incorrectly. With an explanation, you just need to include proofs that support your explanation. 

By Mistake (professional account) 

There are people who use a business account, and their account gets deactivated. To get help in that case, you will require to give verification by uploading any of the following things – 

  • Local business license
  • Order fulfillment documents
  • Utility bill
  • Domain name registration
  • Certificate of Formation
  • Tax filing invoice
  • Articles of Incorporation

Temporarily blocked

If your account is temporarily disabled, you’ll get a notification. In that notification, you’ll also get the reasons and time for the expiration of this temporary blocking. 

So if you have used any third-party apps to perform better on Instagram or have connected your account to any other app or website, remove it. After that, wait until the mentioned time. 

⏩ You can also submit the objection appeal if you think you are suspended without any reason. 

If your account is hacked

If you are facing issues logging in and the platform shows that you have violated community guidelines, then either your account is hacked or you have entered the wrong details. 

If you think you are hacked, then you can use visit – https://www.instagram.com/hacked/

If instagram have suspended your account because of it being detected as hacked, this link will help you. Choose “my account was hacked” option > enter your details and follow on-screen instructions.

Mention every solution,

You can also mention the solution like – Solution for If…../Using this method,

How to prevent getting Instagram account Suspended? What to follow?

Prevention is always better than cure. Instead of waiting for Instagram to give back access, you can prevent it from disabling or suspending your account. But do you know what you can do to prevent it? No? Here’s the list of things that will help you avoid the suspension thing – 

Go through the Terms of Use and Guidelines

The main reason any account gets disabled or suspended is the violation of rules set by Instagram. And this can only be prevented if you follow them. But for following, having all those things in mind is necessary. So go through all these things as it will help you to understand what you shouldn’t do. 

Turn on 2-factor authentication.

It prevents unknown people from logging into the user’s account without their permission. Nowadays, hacking has become normal, but it’s not the right thing. If Instagram algo suspects anything indicating that your account is hacked, it directly disables it. 

Besides, hackers often do a lot of activities that go against the rules set by the platform. So if they do anything like it, Instagram will consider that the owner has done so, and then it will take strict actions. 

That’s why it is suggested to always turn on this feature, as it will keep your account safer. If no unknown person uses your account, he won’t be able to do anything. 

Avoid banned hashtags

The platform has banned some particular hashtags because they work against the rules and aren’t considered the right fit for the Instagram community. These banned hashtags specifically include the ones that promote violence, nudity, or violate the rules in any way.  

So by avoiding using such hashtags, you can prevent Instagram from taking action against you. 

No multiple devices

Avoid using your account from multiple devices because the algorithm considers its suspicious activity. 

Be in limit

Instagram has set limits on many things, like the number of accounts you can follow, the posts you can like, and many other things. So make sure you stay within those to use the app smoothly. 

No bots

Bots are used for various purposes like engaging, etc. But Instagram doesn’t support this thing; it wants to give the best experience to its users. So whenever it detects that your account uses a bot, it disables or suspends it. 

That’s why, if you are using bots, avoid them. And if you are considering using bots, drop the plan. 

Avoid Purchasing followers and likes

Instagram doesn’t entertain buying followers and likes. If anything like that is suspected from any account, the platform punishes them by disabling their account. 


How long do Instagram accounts get suspended for?

The duration depends on the type of suspension. If your account is suspended permanently, you won’t be able to use it ever. And if your suspension is temporary, the duration depends on the reason.

Why did Instagram suspend my account for no reason?

It might be because of an Instagram algorithm’s mistake.

Can I recover my Instagram accounts suspended?

Yes, you can recover your account even if it gets suspended by submitting your objection application.


Suspension of your Instagram account is really annoying, but it is essential to understand that you have to follow the guidelines set by Instagram for smoothly using it. The platform has zero tolerance against some things like nudity, etc.,

so if you do such things, you’ll undoubtedly get suspended. That’s why it is suggested to work within limits. 

But you can submit an objection application if you think you haven’t done anything wrong and your account suspension decision is wrong. If Instagram finds it valid, it will let you reaccess the account. 

Apart from this, I have also mentioned some other ways that will help you to regain access. So you can also take help from them. 

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