Who you might know is on Instagram – what & How? 2023

Are you also interested to know about the who you might know is on instagram? If yes then you have landed on the right page to get the information about this feature of instagram.

If you are an Instagram user, you know very well the feature of Instagram notification ‘who you might know is on Instagram’.

Who you might know is on Instagram - what & How? 2022

You will get a list of suggested friends to follow their accounts on Instagram. But do you know how it appears? In this blog, we will tell you what is it and how it appears on your Instagram profile.

Who you might know is on instagram meaning

When Instagram sends you the notification ‘who you might know is on Instagram’, you will get the name of a suggested friend whose account you can follow on Instagram by sending them the request if they have a private account.

But if they have a public account, then, you can follow their accounts directly without sending them the request.

The Instagram app sends you a list of such suggestions based on the contact list of your phone.

If you are following any user’s account on Instagram, you will get this notification ‘people you may know instagram’ when that Instagram user will create a second account.

So, this was the “who you might know is on instagram notification meaning“, Now lets know that how does appear and how to turn off it?

How does “who you might know is on Instagram” work?

There are many ways that the social media app Instagram uses to gather data to show you ‘People who you might know is on Instagram.

The first way that Instagram uses is your phone contacts. The numbers that you have saved in your phonebook start appearing on the list of your Instagram friends’ suggestions and you will also start getting the notification ‘people you may know instagram.’

If your Instagram friend has created any second account on Instagram, then, his/her name will also be suggested by Instagram in the notification window.

Message shown of Who you might know is on Instagram

Furthermore, Instagram collects the data of your choice from your Facebook account. if you are having someone on your friend list on Facebook, you will get his/her name as the suggested friend on Instagram.

Instagram stalks all the actions on the app. If you are searching any user’s account on Instagram without sending them a friend request.

That search history is also used by the app while showing you the suggestions of your friends. One unique way that Instagram uses is to collect the data from your web browser’s history, likes,

comments, shares, and location to tell you the suggestions of the relevant people to follow on Instagram. Instagram suggests the list on the basis of those hashtags that are used by you and other Instagram users in common.

How to turn off “People who you might know are on Instagram”?

If you want to turn off this feature on Instagram ‘People who you might know are on Instagram’, then, there are many ways to stop getting this feature. The tricks that you can apply are given below:

Turn off similar account feature

You need to use your laptop/PC to log into your Instagram account. After logging in to your Instagram account, go to the ‘settings’ features.

Start scrolling the page until you get ‘include your account when recommending similar accounts people might want to follow’,

You will see a checkmark in a box against the given title. If you want to turn off ‘People who you might know are on Instagram’, then, you should remove the check mark from that box.

Turn off similar account feature

Unfriend the friends on Facebook

If you want that Instagram should not notify you of the ‘who is might know is on instagram‘ based on your Facebook friend list, then, the best way is to unfriend such friends on Facebook. Y

You will not get the notification from Instagram of those people who you have unfriended in your suggested friend list.

unfriend the friend on facebook

Delete the phone numbers

delete the phone number

If you are annoyed to see that your saved contacts on your phone are coming in your Instagram suggested friend list.

Then, you can get rid of this problem by deleting those numbers from your Android phone. In this way, Instagram will not notify you of their Instagram account ‘who you might know is on Instagram.’

Delete your school’s and college’s names on Facebook

If you don’t want to see the list of those people with whom you have studied in your school and college, then, remove your educational background from the Facebook app.

In this way, Instagram will not notify you of those names as ‘people you may know instagram’.

Unfollow the unnecessary accounts

Instagram shows the list of those suggested friends on the basis of mutual friends as well. You can unfollow the unnecessary accounts if this problem persists. In this way, unnecessary suggestions will not be suggested by the Instagram app to you.

Unfollow the unnecessary accounts


if you search someone on instagram will they know 2022?

Instagram knows very well if somebody searches us on Instagram and views our profile without sending us the request but never shares this data with Instagram users. Hence, we can never come to know who searches on Instagram.

How do you know if someone is stalking you on Instagram?

We can never come to know if someone is stalking us on Instagram as the data privacy of the Instagram app never permits Instagram to share this information with its users.

Why does Instagram show who you might know?

Instagram has this feature ‘who you might know on Instagram’ to help the users find their friends, colleagues, relatives, and acquaintances on Instagram. Due to this feature, we can easily send the request to follow the other known accounts.

How to turn off similar account suggestions on Instagram?

If you want that Instagram will not notify you of similar account suggestions, then, you should unfollow those Instagram users whose similar account suggestions are being notified by Instagram to you.

How do come in someone’s suggestions on Instagram?

You can come in someone’s suggestions on Instagram if he/she has saved your phone number on his/her Android phone. If you are added to their Facebook friend list, then, Instagram will also suggest your name to them.

How do you delete an Instagram account without logging in?

You will never be able to know who visited your profile until that user sends you the request to follow you on Instagram. There is no feature of knowing this detail till now because Instagram ensures the safety of the Instagram user’s accounts first.

Does Instagram suggest users who search for you?

No, the Instagram app never suggests users who search for you. Their search history will not be used by the app for suggesting the names of friends for you. Instagram keeps this information secret.

Who you might know is on Instagram meaning?

It means that Instagram will suggest ‘People who you might know is on Instagram’ to notify you of your closed contacts’ accounts that can be followed by you on Instagram. This feature makes your search for your friends easily.

How to stop Instagram from suggesting my account to my contacts?

You should delete the contacts of those phone numbers on your Android phone whom you don’t want to see in your suggesting friends’ list. Besides this, you can also delete some friends from your Facebook friend list to stop using this feature.

is there a option to disable who you might know on Instagram?

There are no any direction option to disable who you might know message on instagram, But you can do some things to prevent it like turning off similar account, unfollowing unnecessary follower, deleting the phone number from instagram etc.


I hope that you would have known about the notification of Instagram “People who might know you on Instagram”.

We have tried our well to explain you in an easy way that what is and how does “people you might know on instagram” appears to you.

If you have any problems related to instagram people you may know then you can ask by commenting below to us.

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