Why can’t i change my profile picture on Instagram – sorry we couldn’t update your profile picture instagram

Are you trying to find out why you’re unable to change your profile pic on Instagram? Well, I have the answer to it.

Not only answer, but I also have solutions to this problem. By following them, you can easily update your profile.

why can't i change my profile picture on Instagram - sorry we couldn't update your profile picture instagram

But what are they? Well, to find that out, you should get through this article.

Why? Because I will mention eight different fixes regarding “why can’t I change my profile picture on Instagram.” Let’s break your curiosity to know about them –

What does mean “sorry we couldn’t update your profile picture” on Instagram?

“Sorry we couldn’t update your profile picture” is an error on Instagram that doesn’t allow you to change your profile. It is displayed when the user tries to change the profile picture. 

Have you also encountered it? You may have because it is a common error that irritates many people. But don’t you worry, now you know its meaning.

And as you read further, you’ll also learn about its possible causes and solutions. So be calm. 

Why can’t i change my profile picture on Instagram?

Nothing happens without reason, and “sorry we couldn’t update your profile picture” is no special case. There are three main reasons why you can’t change your profile picture on Instagram – unstable Internet, against guidelines, and technical issues. 

  • Unstable Internet connection :- Instagram is a platform entirely dependent on the Internet for smooth functioning. So if it is unstable, you may encounter various issues like this one. 
  • Technical glitches :- Technical glitches are the glitches that irritate the users for a short period of time. Often, they can quickly be resolved. In this case, those glitches can be Bugs, Outdated version of the platform. 
  • Guidelines :- Instagram has set some guidelines for every user. They have to work accordingly, and if they don’t follow those, Instagram can punish them, like it will restrict their actions, suspending their account, etc.

How to fix – Sorry we couldn’t update your profile picture instagram?

Following are the possibles fixes –

1. Use Browser

Visit the website version of the platform and try changing from there. Sometimes, the problem only persists with the application, not the website. 

So check the website and see if you’re facing the issue there. If the profile updates successfully, congrats. And if not, don’t lose hope because you have the option to use another fix. 

➡️ You don’t need to have a computer for that. You can perform the same task from your smartphone too. 

2. Update the app

Instagram keeps updating the app to introduce new features and solve existing issues. There are chances that the problem you’re facing is caused because of a bug. 

how to update instagram application

So check if any update is available from the google play store/app store. And if there is, update it without thinking much. 

3. Guidelines

As per Instagram guidelines, your profile picture should be 320*320, not more than that. If the picture you’re trying to upload is more than this, you’ll undoubtedly face the issues. So make sure the pic you are trying to upload fixes this size. 

With size, ensure that the photo format is supported by Instagram. There are some formats the platform doesn’t support, and if your photo is in one of them, it won’t let you upload it. 

Besides, the platform doesn’t allow users to upload nudity or sexual content. So if you were trying to add that stuff to your profile picture, you wouldn’t be allowed to do so. And as a result, you may get “sorry, we couldn’t update your profile picture.” message. 

4. Relogging in 

Logging out and then logging in refreshes the log-in session and removes transient bugs. So you can try doing this to get rid of your problem too. 

Following are the steps for relogging in – 

  • Log out of your account (settings > scroll till the end > click on logout). 
  • Log-in (enter the required credentials > tap on the log-in). 

Tip – if your password is saved, remove that and then fill in the credentials to log in. Sometimes, a saved password doesn’t help. 

5. Delete the current profile pic

It might feel stupid, but many Instagrammers have resolved their issue by doing this.

  • Delete the current profile pic > re-log-in your account > now try updating it. 

6. Fine internet connection

An unstable internet connection is the cause of frustration, mainly for social media platform users. These platforms run through the Internet, and when it is unstable, it leads to several issues. So ensure you have a good speed to perform actions on Instagram. 

For inspecting speed, you can use speed testers. To solve the unstable connection issue, try switching the connection. For example – if you’re using mobile data, turn it off and use wi-fi. 

7. Different photo

Sometimes, the picture you are trying to upload is still under review or isn’t found fit. So, in that case, you can try uploading another pic to confirm if the problem is with the photo. And if it is, you should select another photo for your profile pic. 

8. Report

Instagram’s support team is full of experts who try their best to sort out users’ issues. So if nothing else is working out for you, consider reporting the issues to the support team. 

Following are the steps for reporting – 

  • Go to the settings of your Instagram account > tap on help > flick on the report a problem.
tap on report a problem
  • Now, explain your issue, and don’t forget to attach the screenshot of the dame. 
how to report problem with image on instagram

That’s it. 


How long do I have to wait to change my Instagram profile picture?

Instagram has set no limits on changing the profile picture. So you can change it whenever you wish.

Why is Instagram not letting me add my photo?

There are several reasons why Instagram is not letting you add your picture. The main of them is that it is against community guidelines. 

Wrap up

No matter if you’re an expert Instagrammer or a mediocre one, some issues can frustrate anyone. But thankfully,

we have solutions to most of them, including the “sorry we couldn’t update your profile Instagram” error. I hope you can now update your profile easily.

But in case any question hits your mind or you wish to ask anything, let me know in the comment box.

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